10 Ways To Live As A Powerful Creator | With Bentinho Massaro

This is an older blog that needs a re-share, this guy is Absolutely Amazing – Enjoy

I was introduced to this guy several months ago.… Bentinho Massaro

He is Only 26 and yet listen to him, he is just amazing……

so I just had to share his video Super Accelerated Living 10 Ways To Live As A Powerful Creator with Bentinho Massaro

 Yes its Long – but it will be One of the Best things You Watch…

so put some time aside to watch…

I had so many aha’s watching/listening to this video..

Some times there are Challenges, sometimes there are questions marks…. 

You have Got to Want It..

Many of Us Do not Realise what we are sending out….

What is Most Important to me Every day?


How Do I wish To Experience This Day?

Right Now – what are you sending out?

What are you Feeling right now?….

Right Now

this is Generating your reality..

Keep Planting New Seeds Constantly...

(live in your imagination more than ‘what is’ 

Constantly Be in The Future Present State….


When Do I feel More Alive and Joyful?

I could transcribe All this video (Im a typist).. however its 2 hours worth…

its on my ‘to watch’ most days… I play it in the background, as I go to sleep and when I wake up..

Life is A Fairytale – Bentinho Massaro

‘Book Mark’ it, this  10 Ways To Live as a Powerful Creator with Betinho Massaro

its so worth your time I promise you..

when you are imagining something wonderful, and that

wave of bliss comes over you, thats the state we are

supposed to be in All the time

Bentinho Massoro

Let me know your thoughts on this… 10 Ways To Live as a Powerful Creator with Bentinho Massaro..


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