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5 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself..| To Be Happier | Be Deliciously Abundant

I was inspired to write this today – and as I wrote it – I remembered Why I was writing this….

A couple of years ago I lost my fur baby… it really sent me into a bad spiral…

These are ALL the things I used to feel better ..

When You Realise The Universe Always Has Your Back | What Have You Manifested?

we Forget to Notice What Has manifested

I totally understand the frustration – I have been there many times….

When is this going to manifest? – I say through clenched teeth…

The Science Of Love | The Power Of Love | How the Law of Attraction works Best

The Science Of Love – The Power Of Love – How the Law of Attraction works Best Firstly – Yes I’ve been quiet – I’ve just completed a 90 day blogging marathon …..

How to Manifest with Ease | with Lilou Mace and Sonia Choquette

As I say in the video, Rhonda Byrne also shares in her book The Power, I believe how Love is the Answer…

Saying out loud, writing out what you love – the more you focus on what you love – the More you lift your vibration

Lilou Mace and Jack Canfield | Attracting the Abundance You Desire and Deserve

I have folowed Jack Canfield since the secret and of course he has written many books,

Chicken Soup for the soul and I can’t remember where I found Lilou Mace,

How About the Good News Network | What You Look For You Will Find

I don’t watch the news, my philosophy is I can’t change it – its happened but what I can

Do is Work on Making the world a better place myself…

So yes I put out there what I want back.. Im still very much a WIP..

How This One Process Can and Will Make You A Better Manifester | Morning Pages

So I shared an article in yesterday’s blog and someone commented about the Morning Pages..included,

to be honest I hadn’t thought much about them, I was too busy loving the rest of the article,

… because quite frankly I had done so much of it ..and I was so happy with myself for doing that…

26 Ways To Have A Breakthrough | with The Law of Attraction and Be Deliciously Abundant

The Key is To Just Push yourself out of your comfort zone and Just trust in the process…

I have done this many times…

I left The Uk for New Zealand some 20+ years ago…

Amazing experience – totally changed my life

I don’t Understand The Law of Attraction? | Bob Proctor Explains the Law of Attraction

Become Tuned in to your own Feelings,

If you don’t feel good, ask yourself

‘What Do I want, Or How Do I want To Feel…

Be Open To Everything And Closed to Nothing | With Pam Grout and the Law of Attraction

The flight attendant congratulated them on their marriage. That was odd since a) they are not married, b) they are not engaged and c) they hadn’t mentioned they were heading to a wedding.