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So What Is The Secret To Abundance | The Secret to Abundance Explained

What Can I do today to Help Myself and Others….

How Can I make myself and others Happy today….

Keep Feeling Good – Feel as if you have All the Abundance/the ‘stuff’ you want Every day…

How to be BeDeliciously Abundant In Love | How To Attract Your Ideal Man


… and Happy….

You Don’t Need A Man (or a woman or anything you ‘think you wan’t..),

How a 12 year Old Girl Set Her Intention | The Power of an Intention

Decided I was GOING to be a nurse…and nothing was getting in my way…

So funny, thinking back then…..

I remember, I KNEW I was going to be a nurse….

As I share in the video, I wasn’t doing particular well at school….

What Does it Take To Be More Successful | Happier | With Tony Robbins

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff..

As yourself How Can I Make Others Happy Today?

How Can I Make ME Happy…

Fall in Love with Life, with others..and It All Comes Together…

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy? | Who Is Your Worst Enemy?

This is for the women….and men (if you struggle with this)

When did you last look in the mirror….

and smile at yourself and tell yourself something you loved about YOU…

When did you last see a photo of you and Actually ‘like it’..

How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want | With the Law of Attraction

Ever wondered how You Attract your Ideal man/woman/Client or Prospect….

So Here is a really fun exercise, that originates from Michael Losier…

You may or may not know that we have Contrast…

Contrast is things we don’t want…

How I Used the Law of Attraction | To Manifest $1497 in One Day

I thought it about time I shared this post….I don’t share this to show off, but To inspire you, empower you to know What Is Possible with The Law of Attraction and This Simple System..

To Be Quite honest….. Im not always ‘happy’ with sharing about making money etc

.. although I know this needs to be shared… to help YOU… Hence my blog….

Why Isn’t The Law of Attraction Working For Me?

Someone asked me a question about the Law of Attraction and why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for me?

So I thought I would share my thoughts and what I have learnt in this blog… I hope it helps…

What Are The Best Books On Law of Attraction | Who are the Best Law of Attraction Teachers

I have been asked this question several times in my life…What Are The Best Books On Law of Attraction – Who are the Best Law of Attraction Teachers

Its purely a personal choice…So I am sharing with you some of my favourites..

and you decide…

How To Heal Relationships | Using The Law of Attraction

The reason relationships fail is because

We Get Comfortable….

We Stop Working at a Relationship…

We take our partners/relationships for granted…

We Forget What We Love About them…