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How To Open Those Chakras | Release The Blocks | Attract All the Abundance You Desire and Deserve

I’ve been on a Personal Growth Journey over the past – oh good few years now…

I’ve grown – yes, incredibly – however its been over the last few months that I’ve seen the MOST growth….

After doing some simple but Incredible Processes….

Whats Wrong With Me? | Why Your Mind Is Not Your Friend | with Therese Skelly

We have to Turn around the questions we ask ourselves…

“What am I so Amazing’…

“What is it so easy to Attract X – fill in the blanks’…

Great huh 🙂 Its ALL in our Minds, we are More Powerful than we Know..

How To Increase The Abundance Flow | With These Two Simple Strategies

Ok thats the First thing you need to do – every day… morning and evening… and whenever something or Someone bothers you….

I have been doing this as I say for the last few days – and I’ve had comments about how good I look

Whilst Im still a WIP (Work in progress) My shoulders are lighter already…

Whats Stopping Me Attracting Abundance | Releasing Toxic Emotions

I actually found this hilarious and also, I was so mad with some of them
I was lost for words at times, but soon found them again !!