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What are The Lessons I Can Learn From This Relationship

This is something i’ve known for some time… that there is a Lesson to learn from Every Relationship…   Every Challenge, whether thats a situation.. or a person.There is a Lesson to Learn, A Message for Us   … Something to Learn…When we realise that this is a Reflection of Ourselves.. its Very powerful…its Very Revealing So […]

What Rough Rocks and A Cold Pool In Kos Taught Me About Life

So last year I was in Kos.. OMG heaven on earth – and it meant so much more to me.. as I haven’t been to Greece since my twentys…. I LOVE  the water and to be honest, I could not WAIT to get into the water…. However, when I did, and as i watched my fellow […]

10 Ways To Live As A Powerful Creator | With Bentinho Massaro

This is an older blog that needs a re-share, this guy is Absolutely Amazing – Enjoy I was introduced to this guy several months ago.… Bentinho Massaro He is Only 26 and yet listen to him, he is just amazing…… so I just had to share his video Super Accelerated Living 10 Ways To Live As A Powerful Creator […]

From Self Hate |  to Self Love  | With Bikram Yoga

This is  blog I wrote a  year ago,  worth sharing again … I believe this relates to so many women (and men) so deserves sharing again.. Enjoy and leave me your comments on my journey  from Self hate to Self Love – with this Amazing Bikram yoga   Ok so Self Hate may be a […]

How To Overcome the Fear and Start Manifesting | With Gabrielle Bernstein 

This is an oldie but  a goodie – sharing again.. enjoy 🙂 So have you ever gone through something that was So Terrifying that you really didn’t know how you were going get through, well firstly – you are not Alone In my time of vlogging – I have found that there is Always someone […]

When Did You Last Write A Love Letter To Yourself | Your Younger Self

So when did you last write a love letter to yourself? Its taken me a ALOT of years to Love myself… Not in a an arragant way…   .. Just accepting and Loving myself ‘as I am’ … after all Im the ONLY ME, Im ever going to get… I have met many women over […]