26 Ways To Have A Breakthrough | with The Law of Attraction and Be Deliciously Abundant

26 Ways To Have A Breakthrough –  with The Law of Attraction and Be Deliciously Abundant


 I saw this article, in fact it came up in my memories from a year or so ago…

26 Ways to Experience a Breakthrough in your life... and I can absolutely speak from experience…

I’ve had many breakthroughs in my life..anyway heres my take on this article… 26 Ways To Have A Breakthrough  with The Law of Attraction and Be Deliciously Abundant


The Key is To Just Push yourself out of your comfort zone and Just trust in the process…


I have done this many times…


I left The Uk for New Zealand some 20+ years ago…


Amazing experience – totally changed my life


I did a bungy a year later… one of the best experiences of my life


26 Ways To Have A Breakthrough –  with The Law of Attraction and Be Deliciously Abundant

Helen LIngard

I have regularly travelled across the world on my own – talked to many people and stayed places on my own…


Talked to the locals, tasted the food and had a blast…


When you Push yourself out of your comfort zone – and Trust in the Universe/Law of Attraction its amazing what happens…


A Few years ago – I went to the US for one of my company events… it was close to the Grand Canyon,

somewhere I’ve always wanted to go…and yes unfortunately it was a foggy day !!

26 Ways To Have A Breakthrough -  with The Law of Attraction and Be Deliciously Abundant

So I made it happen – you can read it here…Why You Must Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway


So what are you going to do to get Your Breakthrough – Just Do it – Life is Way too short..


So heres this article… 


26 Ways To Have A Breakthrough   with The Law of Attraction and Be Deliciously Abundant


1. Buy a one-way ticket to your dream destination.

Now – This has put a thought in my head… !!! 


2. Get healthy — do yoga, walk, skip, jump or dance.

Done Already…


3. Go to a painting, singing or dancing class….


have thought of doing a dancing class

4. Read the book called, The Artists Way (and start doing Morning Pages).


interesting, will certainly google this..


5. Forgive someone.

aha .. yes this is a WIP for me… and I know for you TOO – Start Right Now !!

6. Take an improv acting class.  –


ill personally give this a miss

7. Plant a garden (or herb box).

ha ha never been a gardener, no thanks


8. Go to a farmers market.




9. Write the first page of your novel.

blog every day anyway


10. Start your own business.


YES  Done

11. Quit an unfulfilling job and go to a creative art school.

Done 🙂

12. Work part-time (or volunteer) for an inspirational company.

 Helen Lingard

Done – must do another.. volunteered at HUHA in NZ.. Must do same here in the UK

13. Teach or mentor someone. 




14. Go for a new look: cut, colour or grow your hair. –


 did this just over a year ago .Have silver hair and one side short..

15. Start speaking your truth. –


Done 🙂  more work to do on this.. 


16. Declutter your bedroom. 


ha ha Cleared out my WHOLE house last year..

One small storage facility back in the UK with my ‘stuff’


17. Sign up for an Outward Bound course.


mmm this I will consider… 

18. Let go of something that drains you (a situation, person or event).


Oh did this – read about it here..

19. Have some quiet time alone. ( I went to stay on my own at this gorgeous hotel and watch the sunset with my red wine… Heaven 🙂 )

 Helen Lingard

Always – Sooo Good Strongly recommend this one

20. Book a colonic session….




21. Do a yoga workshop or yoga teacher training course.  


This is something I am seriously considering, as I do Bikram Yoga anyway


22. Set an intention for manifestation.


Done and do Every day


23. Ask to be shown the next step.

Absolutely – Positive Empowering Questions


24. Heal and nourish your body.

Done 🙂


25. Have a tarot or psychic reading.

Absolutely 🙂 


So there you go…

26 Ways To Have A Breakthrough –  with The Law of Attraction and Be Deliciously Abundant

26. I would add One –

Make yourself do things – even when You don’t want to.. sometimes we Procrastinate or are Scared.. Just Do it..

The key is to listen to your body. When you read this list, notice what ideas make your heart beat faster with excitement and whisper, “Yes, I would love to do this.”

Oh and I also did a Sky Dive for my 50th !!


So there you go – Leave me a Comment, how many of these have you done?

Read more here..


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Helen Lingard


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! I feel better already for reading it 😉 Feel the fear and do it anyway!

  2. Aww, Lovely post helen, thanks for sharing

  3. The two that resonated with me are to forgive someone — I would word it a little differently and say let go of the anger / resentment / hurt that came your way with someone, and volunteer with a company that makes your heart sing. You are quite the adventrurer Helen!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      I am – Carol – I just love it .. follow my father. he was still adventuring into his 70’s 🙂

  4. Helen, what an excellent list. I will have to commit it to memory and see how I can apply these to my business and my life. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great List!! And I Highly suggest the Challenge of the Morning Pages!! Changed my life!

  6. OMG I feel soo much better for reading this post, coz I have done so much And I hadnt realized it. Yup Upped and booked a one way to UK and have lived here for last 16 years,

    I havent bunjee jumped yet and I absolutely must conquer that soonest! Woot Yoga I need it, and I should get more flexible. I dace almost daily yes,…Does Zumba count? Lolol

    I love this post to much I have book marked it! Thank you helen!

  7. Daphne Dobson says:

    Great post Helen!
    Thanks for the great tips on how to
    have a breakthrough.

  8. Kenna Faber says:

    Great post and great ideas, Helen.

  9. What a great list of all the different ways to breakthrough and get out of that comfort zone. Thanks Helen for sharing this valuable inspiring little push!