5 Easy Ways to Make Room for Abundance | Be Deliciously Abundant

Something I have been doing over the last few weeks, in fact I’ve done it over the last few years, clearing out, making room for that Abundance, that you Desire AND Deserve to flow in….

its Changed me in ways you would not imagine….

So here ya go,  I would Like to Introduce You To 5 Ways to Make Room For Abundance

So what do we need to clear out? Well much like you have a clear out of your house ( I did that 2 years ago, however thats another story) you have to Have a Clear Out of your Own Head/Heart…Let Go of All the ‘rubbish’ thats built up…

Past Beliefs

Past Hurts

Past Angers

Unresolved ‘stuff’

 1. Faster EFT – Otherwise Known as, Eutaptics

Years ago I discovered EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, Brad Yates does a brilliant demonstration and hes in fact very funny and entertaining – you can find him here….


Then about 3 years ago, I was introduced to Faster EFT and Robert G Smith….

.. I confess at first I didn’t ‘get him’ however, a year later, when I was recommended him again
(when the student is ready) this time I fell in love with the process.. you can read more about that here…

However, in short, you tap on the meridian points,  I also interviewed Robert here,


A few years ago, I discovered two other techniques which I confess I ‘parked’…

…. did them briefly – however didn’t stick at them…

Those being Morning Pages – You can read more about that in my blog  here…

as well as Ho’oponopono.. heres a recent live I did on this very subject..

2. Ho’oponopono


All these work magically, in fact – since doing ALL these for the last week – I have noticed some amazing things…
I ‘knew’ things were going to happen…

.. People would contact me, minutes or even hours after I had thought about them…

So back to 5 Easy Ways to Make Room for Abundance , and why we need to;
We are born Perfect little babies, ’empty’ vessels if you like


… as children we tend to play, make believe and dream, with nothing to stop us.. except our well meaning parents who may say

‘Oh thats never going to happen’ or

‘don’t do that’.. or ‘Johnnys going to grow up and be a Doctor, just like this dad’…

so when Johnny gets to 12 and thinks ‘actually I’d love to be a car mechanic/travel the world/lorry driver’… he has his parent’s words in his mind and instead pushes himself into Medicine.


… Innocent things like this fill out heads..

Hence by the time we are in our 20’s, 30’s and older… we have all kinds of ‘programming’ language, regrets etc to let go of…

So back to Faster EFT….

… I remember when I first saw Robert working his magic on people – who ‘apparently ‘ had nothing to do with me – and yet some words they would say, would bring a lump to my throat.. no wonder he tells everyone to tap away as hes tapping on this person – because we can All relate to feelings of hurt, guilt, anger…

Over the years – I have gone from a shy introverted young woman who wouldn’t say bo to a ghost (I wouldn’t even walk into a cafe/pub/you name it, without meeting someone outside first. Now I travel the world, have meals on my own and think nothing of going up to a complete stranger to ask a question….

All this both from Immersing myself in Personal Development, The Secret, Bob Proctor, Pam Grout, Jen Sincero to name just a few.. AND clearing my heart and mind out….

So when do you clearing out?

Well I start mine in the morning – I wake up saying to myself

‘Im Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank you’.. Im not saying it to anyone – Just to myself – however its quite incredible…


When I first started saying this to myself – the words ‘Im sorry’ would bring a waterfall of tears – and thats fine.. it tells you that you relate to those words,  – so keep going.  I quite often start to Faster EFT as I say these words, double the impact if you like – though I don’t know whether Robert would agree with this !!

3. Morning Pages

I also write out my Morning Pages, as Julia Cameron says ‘in the morning’.. you can read my blog on Morning pages here… How This One Process Can Make you A Better Manifestor

I write everything thats on my mind,

plus gratitude, shopping list.

… things I need to do..

just 3 pages of whatever comes out… you can also write out your Affirmations , I Am Powerful,
I Am Abundant, I am Perfect, whatever you need to say…

Julia shares more here..

4. Write IT All Down

This is another process that has worked for me… just writing everything down, you can of course do this as part of your Morning pages, and you can indeed ADD this on to your Morning pages… however unlike Morning pages, you destroy these thoughts…
These are about getting all your ‘anger’ hurt’ etc down on paper… and then burn it, or failing that flush it down the toilet… this is such a powerful process..

5. Forgiveness Exercise…

This was shared by the Founder of the business I work –

You can do this in many ways, look in the mirror and think of the person you have an issue with and say these words – this is credited to David Wood…



I Release You…

I Forgive You I Reliease You, I bless You

I totally let this Go…

I cancel I cancel I cancel the debt you have to me

I cancel the debt that you have to me…

Because I forgive You..

Im letting it all go…

I release, I release, ALL of my pain



Thank you

Thank you for this Experience

I Love You

I Love you Just the way you are

And I realise this Totally


Im sorry for holding onto this

Im sorry for holding onto this

You didn’t do that, I held onto it, Im sorry

Im sorry for my role, I HAD a role in this

I forgive You, I forgive Myself, 

I Forgive Myself

I forgive Myself

Please Forgive Me for my Part

I give You Grace

Thank  You For This Lesson, Thank you

I Bless You…

And I let All Of this Go… Now….

You’re FREE…

And Im FREE, so Thank you


So there you go, 5 Easy Ways to Make Room for Abundance, they work for me, so I KNOW they can work for you…

Please let me know how you go..

Ask me about working with me..


To find out any more about any of these, simple google them…