An Interview With | Catherine Behan | Thank And Grow Rich

I don’t know about you – however – Part of My Daily activities is reading Empowering Books…

One Amazing author I have discovered over the past few years Is…

This Amazing Lady


… Pam Grout


Helen Lingard

I have read Two of Pam Grouts Books, E Squared which consists of Various Experiments to show that the Law of Attraction is Always working.. and then….


This One…

Catherine Behan

After reading  – Thank and Grow Rich…

I was inspired… To Contact A Very Special woman who is featured….

Btw – I Just Loved this Book…. In Short,

Its About Being Grateful…

.. and How Powerful Gratitude Is…. I blogged about this here.. 100 Days of Gratitude

So where was I – Oh Yes….

…. So I was inspired  to contact Catherine Behan, who is mentioned on Page 93 I believe..

I listened to the book, so Im unsure exactly what page it is….

….Anyway I contact her… she was delighted to be interviewed and here we are…

Watch and Enjoy

An Interview With Catherine Behan


Wasn’t she briliant..

Remember Anything Is Possible – You Just Have To Feel Good… Believe Let Go.. and Go with Inspired Action..


And Look Who Shared this Post… The lady herself

 Pam Grout – Thank and Grow Rich –

Helen Lingard


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Know You Really Can Attract Anything You want…

Find out More about Catherine Here 



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  1. I need to read both of these books. This interview was amazing. Going to get Thank and Grow Rich tomorrow.

  2. Wow Helen that was such an awesome interview. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing Catherine Behan with us… Incredible.

  3. Wow, Catherine is a brilliant, and funny, speaker! Congratulations Helen on such a wonderful interview here! <3 <3

  4. Mary Beth Caffey says:

    What a great interview! Thanks for introducing us to Catherine and these two great books. Looking forward to your next interviews.

  5. I just added this book to my Must Read list! Can’t wait to dive in. I didn’t have time to watch the whole interview but from what I did see I will make time to come back and finish!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Oh You Must Shauna ,She was amazing 🙂 The next one is Even Longer And Again so worth listening to 🙂

  6. My husband always quarrels with me , I am tired ,it is going on from last 38 years . Earlier he was violent too ,he use to beat me . I lost a gold chain because of him .

    Please give some advice .

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Hi Sushma.. Im so sorry to hear about this – Please In Box me on Facebook 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you