Are You A Badass | With Jen Sincero and BeDeliciously Abundant

Are You A Badass  With Jen Sincero and Be Deliciously Abundant

So I read a LOT of books,

All Empowering Books…

… Its food for the Soul – Why wouldn’t you???


Ok well I did read, ‘Me Before You’  in Hardback … (did I really admit to that !!)
and I tend to listen to them on Audio….

Yep here are just some of them…

Helen Lingard

Rhonda Byrne, Wayne Dyer...

Oh the list goes on and on, I have to say. Some of my favourites are the entertaining and educational ones…

…like Abraham Hicks and Pam Grout…

and this lady….

… Jen Sincero

so Here You Go

 Are You A Badass  With Jen Sincero and Be Deliciously Abundant


 Are You A Baddass  With Jen Sincero and BeDeliciously Abundant


Just recently I was recommended this amazing Book….(thanks Erica!)

… and guess where I found it – …..

…on Youtube.

I’m not encouraging you to just listen to it on Youtube, you absolutely must get the book so you can
listen to it, Read it, and totally absorb it  ( I listen to them whilst I walk,…..whilst I drive, ….lying in bed at night … you get the )


So this amazing lady – Jen Sincero,  I had never heard of her before and she is such a Bad Ass !!

You Are a Badass With Jen Sincero

I strongly suggest you take Notes here.  There is a LUDICROUS amount of value in this book and some of the Gems she shares


Love and Accept Yourself

Affirmations …’ I AM Abundant’ I AM Amazing’ Choose your Own and Shout Them Out! !! 🙂

Avoid Comparison …. You are Amazing Just As You Are

Forgive Yourself. Think of Specific thing you did in your life that you feel badly about, call it up in your mind and feel it in your body.  Holding onto my bad feeling that I feel about this is doing nothing but harming myself and everyone else. I choose to let it go.

I am An Awesome Person,  I choose To enjoy my life, I choose To let this Go. Say This over and over again until you Feel a Relief…

And as a special treat, I have included some more  AMAZING material from Jen.

Why Haven’t I come across this Amazing lady before?  I LOVE Her !!!


Now I realise,  these are Pretty Time Consuming, however You absolutely must book mark these to come back to!, They are Pure Value

Jen Sincere  How to Conquer Self Doubt


Wasn’t That brilliant? So Are You A Badass, With Jen Sincero and BeDeliciously Abundant…..

If you Absolutely enjoyed this post, Are You A Bad Ass with Jen Sincero and Be Deliciously Abundant then do Leave Me a Comment below and I look forward to sharing more with you of Jen Sincero



See You Soon


Join Me – Join Us…

 Are You A Baddass  With Jen Sincero and BeDeliciously Abundant





  1. Great post, thanks for sharing BadAss

  2. Kim Williams says:

    I have been listening too – and when you have never seen anyone you create a picture of them in your mind, yeah? The amazing thing is that my mind picture of Ms Sincero was exactly as she is!! I just love the way she reads this book – she speaks my kinda language!! And I have to concur, Helen – you need the hard copy too. There is soooo much value that you will want to read it over & over & over…….

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absolutely Kim – I just Love jen and I look forward to meeting her one day – she reminds me Very much of Pam Grout 🙂

  3. Helen,

    You had me at the title! I’ve heard of the book and it’s on my list to read. It does sound like there’s a ton of value here. I bet you could do a whole series just from this book.


  4. Thanks so much for the link and the referral Helen. I’ll be listening to this one for sure.

  5. I LOVE this BADASS!!!! She speaks my language! LOL … I just saw that Kim wrote the same sentiment … like minds think alike!

    Awesome post Helen and EPIC video … so inspired! Thank you for sharing it!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      She is Just fantastic, sooo much I relate to – thanks for introducing me to this amazing woman – Erica…:)

  6. What an amazing book and author. Thank you Helen for breaking it down for us.

  7. Helen, you already WERE a BADASS before you got switched on to Jen but THANK YOU. I will indeed listen and read her book! 🙂