Be Open To Everything And Closed to Nothing | With Pam Grout and the Law of Attraction

 Be Open To Everything And Closed to Nothing – With Pam Grout and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is Always working – however, in my experience you have to be Open to it…

I received this great Love Story… now this couple would not have taken the

‘hint’ if they were not open to Everything and Closed to Nothing from Pam Grout

the other day on this very subject…and also Attached to Nothing –

when we are ‘Attached’ to the result, we tend to get ‘Frustrated’ when things are not happening..

and hence that puts up a barrier between you and the Law of Attraction

a bit like someone getting in the way of gravity.. you catch the ball before it falls to to the floor..


Pam Grout story

 and yes I know its not easy to read, so I’ve shared it here…


 Be Open To Everything And Closed to Nothing – With Pam Grout and The Law of Attraction and as of course be Attached to nothing….


The universe waits for the perfect time to whisper in your ear, ‘Look this way.’”—Amy Poehler 


Thought I’d share a fun story to kick off the weekend.

A chiropractor from Marco Island was reading E-Squared. She asked for a sign about her relationship with her boyfriend who, after a beautiful winter together in Florida, was returning to Canada. Before boarding a plane to Tennessee (they were both flying to a friend’s wedding), she got very still and, from her heart, said, “Hey dude, I could use a sign about this wonderful man who is heading home soon to Canada!”

Here’s what happened:

1. The flight attendant congratulated them on their marriage. That was odd since a) they are not married, b) they are not engaged and c) they hadn’t mentioned they were heading to a wedding.

2. The taxi driver also congratulated them on their marriage. Again, why would he say something like this out of nowhere?

3. That night at dinner, after returning from the ladies’ room, she found a card waiting for her. It was from her boyfriend and it said, “When you know, you know.” Yep, even though she had no idea this was coming, he asked her to marry him.

4. The next day, at the wedding, where she was a bridesmaid, guess who caught the bouquet?

Congratulations to the happy couple. And congratulations to all of us who are starting to get it, that indeed the universe is just waiting for us to ask.


So there you go – thats what happens 

 Be Open To Everything And Closed to Nothing – With Pam Grout and The Law of Attraction



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  1. Thanks for posting this. I need to read something like this on the eve of my 1 year anniversary of marring my High School first true love. I didn’t know it then, but I do now. We planned our wedding in a day and half last year.

  2. The Law Of Attraction continues to amaze me, but I agree with you 100%…one HAS to be open to it in order to see how much it works. Thanks for sharing this story

  3. Love this Post Helen, I practice this everyday 🙂 Ill get good at it. Thank you

  4. Love this story thanks Helen!
    I know you shouldn’t work on it, just believe and it will happen.

  5. Daphne Dobson says:

    I love this post Helen!
    Great story! When you’re opened to receive,
    you maybe pleasantly surprised of what will
    come your way. Thanks for sharing!

  6. love it, gotta be willing to be open to everything, you never know what you might be blessed with

  7. Wow! I love this story Helen:)

    Even though I haven’t found my happy ending…yet, I’m still a sucker for a happy ending:) I love seeing people happy, in love, successful!

    You must always be open to everything and closed to nothing in life.

    Thanks for sharing!