Are You Spreading Wisdom Or Woe | With Pam Grout

  My goodness, this woman is so on my wavelength…which is kind of why I interviewed her earlier this year.. The universe is being healed. Don’t you want to be a part of the dance?”—Rob Bell This landed in my in box this morning from the Amazing Pam Grout – and I had just been […]

When Did You Last Write a Love Letter To Money | Clear your Blocks

When did you last write a Love Letter to yourself?

… to a Friend?

… even to money

… I bet you can’t remember huh?

Money is your Friend right?

There is No Heavy Lifting | Just Relax Receive and BeDeliciously Abundant

Just as You Know

….The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

Just As You Know The Sun Will Set Tonight

.. As You Know your Next Breath Will Come…

As You Know Your Legs Will Take You The Next Step..

How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want | With the Law of Attraction

Ever wondered how You Attract your Ideal man/woman/Client or Prospect….

So Here is a really fun exercise, that originates from Michael Losier…

You may or may not know that we have Contrast…

Contrast is things we don’t want…

How To Heal Relationships | Using The Law of Attraction

The reason relationships fail is because

We Get Comfortable….

We Stop Working at a Relationship…

We take our partners/relationships for granted…

We Forget What We Love About them…

The Prosperity Game | Abraham Hicks | Working with The Law of Attraction | How To Be Delciously Abundant

You can play it in a number of ways..

It can Go on for 50 days or more…

So how does the The Prosperity Game work – How to Be deliciously Abundant –

How To Have Great Fun with The Law of Attraction | A Rampage Of Gratitude

In almost every book or teaching I have read about the Law of Attraction – they encourage us to have Fun With the The Law of Attraction – this is Absolutely the Way to BeDeliciously Abundant….so How To Have Great Fun with The Law of Attraction A Rampage Of Gratitude