Celebrate Every Manifestation | Be Deliciously Abundant

Hi How Are You?I Have to Share this with You –

As its Just So Incredible…

Before I do –

Just want to tell youDO Not Underestimate the Power of Gratitude……..you really must Celebrate Every Manifestation – Be Deliciously Abundant

I have been doing the #tut30days you can go and join it here...

Mike Dooley is the guy behind it –

……He Features in  the Secret and he shares those amazing “notes from the Universe’

Celebrate Every Manifestation

So thats what I’ve been doing for the last 24 days…

Plus Saying Thank you Thank you Thank you – aka Gratitude Every Day.. Even for the Simple things….

Waking Up (not Everyone does)

Celebrate Every Manifestation

Celebrate Every Manifestation Be Deliciously Abundant

Getting a Discount (wow thank you)

All The Things You didn’t have to pay for when;

You were Young… Holidays, Clothes Meals (gosh imagine how long this list goes on for)

Alicante – I place I remember for swimming in ‘warm water’ at 10pm at night !!


OMG It was divine !! 🙂


Be Deliciously Abundant – Celebrate Every Manifestation

Helen Lingard
Cinema.. All the Movies  I Love….The Holiday

Love Actually

The SecretYes I Know –  You Can Go On and On and On….!!

(i used to be taken right around Europe… all those countries I got to see – without paying a thing !! )

Things You Love

Food You Love

Chocolate… I LOVE Chocolate….

Celebrate Every Manifestation | BeDeliciously Abundant


Remember the More You Focus on what you love – The More You Raise Your Vibration and Thus You Attract More To You ..

Clothes You  Love…Love Your Body – do you realise How Much your Body does for you???

Helen Lingard

Your heart Beats without You thinking about it…Your Lungs Work without you even thinking about it…

Next time you go for a walk (even if its just to the post box)

Think about your legs that Move without you thinking about it…

Your Arms that lift that food to your mouth…

There is So much to be Grateful For…

Celebrate Every Manifestion
So back to my point – Im Focussing on Gratitude…

Over the last couple of months – some amazing things have happened to me….
Blog coming later…
Last week – A $10.00 note was blown under my foot!!!Just a tip here – I at no point thought ‘Oh only $10.00 – No I was like ‘wow’….Celebrate it all from a penny to whatever !!Helen LingardI thought it was a piece of litter….My eyes stared at it – before I stepped on it and picked it up…


….Of Course I glanced around to return it to the person chasing it –

….No one around..

I kept looking around for someone to give it to –

NO One….

So I took it and Just said “THANK YOU” and carried on…

and Yes I kept Looking around -expecting to see someone chasing after it…


… No One…

Yesterday I was buying some flowers for someone –

I got to the till and there was a problem with the code
Celebrate Every Manifestation

… so they charged me half the price of the flowers,

again’ thank you’ 🙂

Appreciate Everything – Every Single time something good happens….

Someone Gives you a Compliment – Thank you…

Remember the More You appreciate something – the More the Universe or God Whoever You believe in…

Appreciates You with More

Read Thank and Grow Rich By Pam Grout – Amazing Book…

Helen Lingard

I share Amazing stories of Gratitude Manifestation aka Law of Attraction here..in my weekly interview series…

So there you go – Celebrate Every Manifestation 🙂

today go about your day – Appreciating Everything Good that happens to you..

I Promise You it works!!
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Helen Lingard


  1. Wow!! You had me all the way through this post…. except for the bit about seafood!! LOL

    But Yes, you are totally spot on that we should be grateful for sooooooooo many things that we have probably forgotten about or just taken for granted. A couple of days ago I was paying for groceries and about to leave the shop when a man at another register was trying to leave in a hurry. As he was closing his wallet he drop a 5 cent coin on the ground. He saw it fall. He paused to look at it. He decided it wasn’t worth bending over for and walked away. So, while saying Thank You Thank You Thank You I picked it up and brought it home. The Universe was testing my gratitude and I like to think I passed the test. 🙂

  2. Luv this Helen 🙂
    Be grateful for everything…
    There is so much to be grateful for…
    When you’re be grateful and counting
    your blessings….there’s no time to be negative.
    Thank you Helen <3

  3. Love your gratitude, it gives so much to us all.