From Bankruptcy to Success | With Mindset and Action | Dirk and Muriel

From Bankruptcy to Success –

With Mindset and Action – Dirk and Muriel

Dirk and Muriel

I was so excited to meet this  Amazing Couple Dirk and Muriel, From Holland

…and Learn how they went from Bankruptcy to Success

I had heard about them a few months previously when they reached a goal of $10,000 a month (income disclaimer)

… using Instagram...

Then I heard their story and they inspired me so much…

….I set myself a Mission to Interview them !!

We tend to Judge people without really knowing their story…

We see people who are Successful –

and know Nothing of the challenges. the struggle they went through previously…

I know of many people who are going through tough times…. as I’ve said before you are Never alone..


My wish came true just over a week ago when I went to the #Euromastermind…

Oh and By the Way – They are One of the Nicest couples I’ve ever met…

They spent about 4 hours the previous day, sharing with Us, the Attendees their Whole Process….


I asked them if I could interview them and whilst they said yes –


the timing proved to be a struggle…
it was a Very busy weekend…


It came down to the wire,

…….the last day..

we were exhausted…


….there I was thinking

‘Oh I hope Dirk and Muriel will still do this interview’

they were Two  of the speakers after all – so very busy and in demand…


In true Law of Attraction fashion –
just as I thought the above thought, Muriel was at my side

‘You ready to do that interview Helen? 

.. and off we went

So How Did Muriel and Dirk  Go From Bankruptcy to Success?

With Mindset and Action,

Listen to Dirk and Muriel share their story


Click on the image and Watch the Interview – Absolutely Powerful..



I Loved what Dirk and Muriel Shared…how they  used Mindset AND Action to take them From Bankruptcy to Success

and about Asking Questions ,

What Do We Need to do?


I often share About the Power of Positive Questions 


Dirk and Muriel are So Inspiring, I hope their interview inspires you as much as it inspires Us….


There is Always a Way Out…


It Involves Change….pushing yourself out of your Comfort zone..


It Involves Belief... Believing in Yourself 


And It Involves Taking Action…doing Whatever it takes…


We are Here for You..



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  1. They really are such a nice couple! And inspirational as well! I love the simple truth in their message that they made a decision and then took action on it.

    Congratulations on securing this interview Helen. 🙂

  2. Kudos to you Helen. Great interview. Decision and massive action, the way to get to the next level. Decision is the determination that goes beyond a time frame – it’s until! Action is doing the work until!

  3. Awesome interview Helen! Thanks for sharing such inspiration.

  4. This is awesome Helen!

    So many times when we get started online or in trying to achieve anything in life, we focus on one area. Mainly because we don’t know any better.

    I love that Dirk & Muriel say that they used mindset AND action to go from bankruptcy to success. It really does take both in order to have the most benefit.

    Thanks for sharing the interview!

  5. The Muriel and DIrk story is such an inspiration Helen. It is stories like this that give people hope. I love the interview you did with them.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thanks Sue… I LOVE their story too 🙂 and yes I loved the interview too – thank you so much 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing Dirk and Muriel’s story Helen! A couple of weeks ago they posted a FB Live at Dracula’s castle in Romania.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Yes Rory – I was there too… unfortunately my phone died just before we arrived lol… not sure what the Universe was teaching me there 🙂

  7. You picked two wonderful and very deserving people in Dirk and Muriel. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet them in person and to participate in hangouts with them. Two inspiring and genuine people — so pleased they have found their financial success. Thanks for sharing Helen.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      They are amazing people Carol… and they are such an example of what Can be done, thanks Carol