The Secret To Manifesting | Loving Yourself and Find Peace with Others

The Secret To Manifesting  Loving Yourself and Find Peace with Others

 So many people fail at this – me included, and its something I feel so passionate about…

You wonder why when you are complaining about people, Gossiping about people

… and you are Not Living your Ideal Life?…hence this post…..The Secret To Manifesting




Over the years, I  too have felt angry and disappointed at people….

Lets Face it – we ALL do… Other people ‘irk us’…

One of the biggest lessons I learnt about a year ago or more was this


Everyone is doing the best

they can with what they have….


That really opened up my eyes, It Helped me be far more tolerant and in short…



Calmed me down Soo much… so…

The Secret To Manifesting  Loving Yourself and Find Peace with Others


I used to be a real firework, many years ago, until I started to work on myself


…. I would just ‘go off’..and that said more about me than anyone I ‘went off at’….


We  often wonder WHY Am I Not attracting all ‘this stuff’ I  want…?

And Deserve…!!


We forget how Angry we are at the Whole world…and we wonder why its not working !!


 We Can’t Control the Whole word, as much as we want to sometimes.. – Only Ourselves.

The same mantra applies to ourselves…… 



‘I am Doing the Best I  Can with What I Have’

Show Kindness to Others, Show Tolerance, Love and Compassion

The More We ‘Show’ Kindness, compassion and “Give’ To Others – The More we Attract to Ourselves.

The Secret To Manifesting  Loving Yourself and Find Peace with Others

My religion is kindness

Start Feeling Good About Yourself AND Others…


Feeling anything else is Blocking You from manifesting your goals, your desires and dreams..


I have shared how I have manifested some Amazing stuff….

My House…and view…OMG… I just Love My house and view…


Helen Lingard




How I manifested $1497 in One Day

and the One Thing that was ‘Common’ to each of those times…


I just ‘let go’… I knew what I wanted, I relaxed

… I focussed on Me…

let go of doubt, or any bad feeling and

just Focussed on where I was going…


So how do we find peace with ourselves… The More We Find Peace with ourselves, the Happier we become… the better we feel about others.. and hence become better manifestors, Creators, Be Deliciously Abundant !


Loving ourselves, accepting Ourselves… mirror work… I’ve blogged about this many times – you can find these here 


Finding Peace with others…


In my journey, which Im still on – arn’t we always….


I’ve learnt a couple of things…


Not to take things Personally.... also to know – that when someone else’s behaviour annoys me


its very often a reflection of my own behaviour – something In Me that Im either not acknowledging or maybe don’t want to acknowledge


As I mention in the video – Look up Byrone Katie’s The Work for more on this…


How do you see others?  


Do you run down others?


Do you ‘gossip’ about other people…


Start Focussing on the Good Things in Others…

once again feeling less than complimentary about others, is a reflection of not being happy with ourselves..


So start working On YOU – Fall in Love with You.. Fall in Love with Others

… and watch your Manifestation increase


So there You Go….

Loving Yourself and Find Peace with Others 



Do You Have A Passion  You want to Share with the World

Come Join Me and I will Help You  

help others to  Manifest Your Desires

… I can show you how We Are Doing it..

Im here to help You !!

Everyone has a story to tell, and there are People

Out there who Need to Hear Your Story

Come Join Us


Always Here to Help You..

Helen Lingard


  1. HI Helen, i love it that the more we show kindness and give to others we more we attract to ourselves. Thank you for sharing this advice

  2. Thanks for sharing. I often times wonder what kind of blockage may exist within my mind which is preventing me from manifesting my goals and desires. You have shed some light on the situation and I will definitely have to make a self-assessment to release any emotional baggage and turmoil that I may be carrying to achieve my desired state.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      YOu can also ask powerful questions Herschel, sometimes its something very simple, thanks for taking the time to comment, I hope it helps

  3. Amazing blog post Helen. yes, fall in love with ourselves. And practice tolerance for ourselves and for others. Once we can incorporate that truth that we all do the best we can with what we have at the time — we can certainly negotiate the world and live our lives more easily and fruitfully. Thanks for the reminders.

  4. great post Helen on loving yourself and finding peace with others… I definitely love myself and always have had and still have to work on finding peace with other thanks for the reminder and great post

  5. My religion is kindness, I love that Helen! And loving yourself is something I have worked on for a long time. Being around different groups of people I have found has always had a certain affect that I never realized. Thank you for sharing your insight on this!

  6. love what you shared here. thanks so much

  7. I agree Helen it is so important to love ourselves and yet so difficult for many of us to do. I love the quote by the Dalai Lama and yes kindness is something we can all do. Thank you for another awesome post.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Sue, appreciate you – just read your post – inspiring 🙂

  8. Great Post Helen, thanks for sharing

  9. Accepting yourself and others just the way they are not only helps you ‘attract’ stuff, it helps you find PEACE. Thank you Helen for another loving post.

  10. Helen I think this is one of the hardest things for people to do is to love themselves. I like you never realized that other people are only trying the best they can and we should take notice of that. Thank you for sharing your wisdom today…