How About the Good News Network | What You Look For You Will Find

I was actually doing some research for a blog this morning..


having seen a few negative posts on Facebook .. and What do I find


The Good News Network..


so I thought I would share some Good News


I don’t watch the news, my philosophy is I can’t change it – its happened but what I canDo is Work on Making the world a better place myself…


So yes I put out there what I want back.. Im still very much a WIP..

but I know it works… aka the Law of Attraction and it is Absolutely the way to Be Deliciously Abundant

This man from Afganistan loads his bike up and travels

and delivers books so all the kids can learn to read…


So here is More about the Good News Network


Click on the image and watch…



Don’t stories like this just make you smile…

Remember whatever you are looking for, Focussing On You Will find…

Brice Royer was diagnosed with a rare type of stomach cancer and began looking for the cause.

He decided that if his life were filled with more loving and sharing, then he might be healed in return.

again click the image and read about him…



So You want to Get the law of Attraction working Better for You?


… then Give

…  Without Expectation…

Give Kindness..


Give Love…


 Remember, – What You Look For You Will Find –

So there you Go – Just Two of the Good News Network Stories.. Always remember What You Look For you Will Find..

So Start Looking For the Good News, Focus on The Good stuff, … There is Plenty of it..

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it…

I am Passionate About

Empowering People

with Law of Attraction,

Showing People

how they can Be the best they can be and how

you can turn it into a business.

If you have a passion that you want to

turn into an online business …

… I can show you how We Are Doing it..

Everyone has a story to tell, and there are

People out there who Need to hear your story..

Come Join Me


Helen Lingard


  1. Kristine Christiansen says:

    I loved this post Helen!

    There is so much negative coverage of events in the news, so it is is awesome when someone shares good news for a change.

    I really enjoyed learning about the stories you shared.

    I also think you are right, what you look for you will get so why not look for the good stuff? I would much rather feed my mind with that than the sad stories for violence.



  2. I’m like you in switching off the radio, news or any type of negative messages.I don’t follow the norm because we are not average people.

  3. Thank you helen for this inspiring post

  4. Great post Helen!

    There is good in EVERY situation 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

  5. What an awesome share Helen. I had not heard of The Good News Network so thank you. I am like you and avoid the news for the reasons you do. Good news is great though. I love the story of the man in Afghanistan delivering books. Thank you for sharing good news. 🙂

  6. Oh I like the name, Good News Network, that just puts a smile on my face Helen! And it is great that you share positive, uplifting inspiration like these stories. I believe what you look for you will find and so it might as well be positive. Who wouldn’t want to be happy every day. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  7. awesome message you shared here helen

  8. OMG Thank you So Much for This!! I never heard of the Good New Network before .. NOW I Love it!

  9. The ‘Good’ News Network. Love it! This is the kind of stuff that the media should be sharing with the world but unfortunately the masses love death and destruction. D & D!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Totally agree Rory – never mind – we can share it – and always great to see ‘happy news 🙂

  10. Good News Network , great idea. The media is not in the middle, they are off on the negative train. We still have the option to change the channel if something good and positive is available.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absolutely Earl – personally I just have about 3-4 programs I watch a week and other than that, I’d rather read 🙂