How The First 20 Minutes Of Your Day | Can Change Your Life

How The First 20 Minutes Of Your Day  Can Change Your Life

Did you know that the first 20 minutes of your day are the Most Important….

Having Just woken up – Your Subconscious is in its most receptive Mode

And Of Course – The More You Are Inspired, Motivated –

The More You Will Get the Wonderful Law of Attraction working For You, With You

….Whatever Time I wake up – be it 4am or 6.00am

(and Yes I have been known, many times to wake up at 3am!!)

– I grab my phone and plug into a Motivational Video…

…Les Brown is Amazing… He Always Fills me With Belief….

As is Tony Robbins,  Bob Proctor…

The next thing I do – is to Plug myself into Listening to an Audio Book for at least 20 Minutes..

Very often Im Still Listening Whilst I have breakfast…

Your Subconscious Is Most Receptive
and Alert During
The First 20 Minutes Of You Being Awake

So There I was looking for motivational Videos today and I find this one

Theres is Seriously So Much Value Packed into this…

Isn’t That Just Brilliant…

….Would Have To be One of the Best I have Seen

Remember the One and Only Thing That Stops You is YOU….

…So You Haven’t Achieved or Attracted what you Want….-

YOU are what gets in the way…

..Im not saying this to BLAME You…


… Absolutely Not…

There is Nothing to Be Gained by Blame…

Its About Taking Responsibility….


…. And By Taking Action on This Blog.. You Absolutely Are Taking Responsibility…

So After I’ve Fed my Mind…

I then Do my Morning Pages..

Which consists of…3 pages of Writing….

10 Things Im grateful for (even more if you can)

Getting Any Concerns Worries down on paper…

Just write away – Everything and Anything

Then Your Positive Afformations

Your Goals
I am Earning X amount of Money….

I am Travelling the World,

Write out Your goals… clearly in the present tense…

.. .Imagine You have Already achieved your goals…

How Would You Feel?
…. Feel those feelings…
..what would you hear…
For me its the Waves, lapping the shore…
How The First 20 Minutes of Your Day Can Change Your Life

.. feeling the sand beneath my feet as I walk along the beach…

What would You See…


.. Maybe Beautiful Blue skies…

The More You write your goals down and


….SEE and

…HEAR What you would See Feel and Hear,

the More Your Subconcious mind works on Manfesting that into your Present..

Remember your Subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is Real and what is Imagined…
Say and Write Out, and yes I know I’ve shared this before,

however, its so Powerful I just have to Share again….

Your Mantra


I AM Powerful

I AM Strong

I AM Abundant

I AM Amazing…..

I AM Beautiful…

Write as Many as You can….

This is a blog I wrote a few weeks ago….which will also help you

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living.
Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”

– Jim Rohn


Ensure You are Taking some kind of Exercise Daily….

As early as you can – works best.. however it can also be a great break in the  middle of your day too..

I walk and Do Yoga…

When I walk – its Also My Meditation time…

I often just sit in Nature and Just BE….

I ask the Powerful Questions and Get the Answers that I need…

I often Solve any problems I have by going for a walk…

Remember, No Matter What Anyone Says

So there You Go…

The First 20 Minutes of your Day





I can Hear You Saying

OMG thats so much to get done

Well Ask yourself

How Badly Do I want it?

Wake An Hour Earlier….

I Promise you, It IS Worth it


With Love



Helen Lingard

….Always Believe in yourself…




  1. Awesome blog post Helen. I love Tony Robbins and his motivational videos. i didn’t know how important the first 20 minutes is. Thanks for this blog I will definitely try to listen to motivation first thing in the morning. I’m not an early riser I’m a night owl. So I struggle with mornings. this is a good way to help me with my morning struggle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mornings are so important. Starting my day off in a good way usually dictates how the rest of the day is going to be. But what I have also learned is that I can start my day over any time I want to….no need to let ANYTHING ruin an entire day

    Thanks for the post and the video!!

  3. We all need to have a purpose for our day. Getting started on the right foot always makes he day a lot better. I have been jumping out of bed in the mornings, because I need to write down what I just thought of. Great things flow when you are clear.

  4. Kim Williams says:

    I totally agree Helen – I feel I am at my best first thing in the morning and I love the quiet time before everything else kicks off! I am learning to meditate and I love to read – when I miss those things I feel my day has yet to start! Loved the Tony Robbins motivation – thanks for a great blog post.