How to Get the Law of Attraction Working For You | You Get Who You are

I know, Not Everyone ‘gets’ the Law of Attraction, we ALL get Gravity –

however we struggle with the Law of Attraction sometimes….

This is one of the best descriptions of the Law of Attraction…

it is Always working… so How to Get the Law of Attraction Working For You and become Be Deliciously Abundant…. – You Get Who You are Being !! 

Thats right you get who you are –

if you are Being Miserable…

….Grumpy… you get that right back

Whatever You Are Being.. Whoever You are Being – You get that right back…

I came across this video today, from my friend Steve… 

It says it all 🙂

So remember  – You Get Who You are being, so Lets get  the Law of Attraction working for You?

You don’t allow your thoughts to be On Anything You Don’t want,

that you don’t want to show up for you in your Life – Wayne Dyer

Gosh don’t we miss him…..

You are a Magnet…

What You think About You bring About…

When you are Kind – People will be Kind to you…


If you are Mean/Rude/Nasty – then that will come back to you…

You get What You Are – Who You are Being


So Be Happy 🙂

Be Grateful 🙂


Focus on the Wonderful Person You are 🙂




So when You want Your Ideal Partner – BE Your Ideal Self 🙂

BE Who You Want To Attract….


We complain that we are Not getting what we want…


This video I did a while ago – will help you know why…


Click on my image and watch the video..





Write down ALL the things You have…

Keep Track of ALL the good things that have ever happened to you..

Focus on ALL the things That You Love About Yourself:)

And Remember – Put Out There whatever it is you Want…

I hope this blog inspired you – I hope it helps you work Positively with the Law of Attraction..

To attract the Life you want…

The Life you Desire





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  1. Accepting that the Law of Attraction works is difficult at first – as is learning anything new. But as reflected on the things that I’ve done in my life – the jobs I went for, the cars I bought, the people in my life, and even to where I moved – I realise there’s something that has triggered that off. Make no mistake, the Law of Attraction is working all of the time whether you know it or not.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      It Absolutely is thanks Steve 🙂 Its quite amazing when we look back – at how much we Have attracted – the good the bad and the ugly 🙂

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thanks Steve… it is difficult t first… however when you realise it – it can be Magical 🙂

  2. Just… Wow!
    That was simply amazing and inspiring Helen. Thank You!

  3. Hey Helen

    Thank you, for the inspiration the reminder and these videos!

    You are awesome!!

  4. FABULOUS blog post Helen!
    I love the”Law of Attraction” videos too….
    You are Inspiring