How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want | With the Law of Attraction

 How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want – With the Law of Attraction


I have been working with the Law of Attraction for many years…

… can truly get anything you want and some things you really don’t want


Its ALL up to YOU !! 🙂


… so I am going to show you another fun game/exercise on How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want – With the Law of Attraction


and I have attracted various things…


Everything from my children…I always wanted one of each, and what did I get…


One of Each..two Beautiful Children… One Girl, One Boy… 


To my beautiful house in New Zealand….with its Gorgeous Views…


How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want – With the Law of Attraction

How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want - With the Law of Attraction

Plus some not so good stuff too –


Bad relationships…and good 🙂

Because Whatever you Think About.

Feel About… Talk About – You Bring About

and during the time – I’ve also learnt to realise how Powerful Contrast is..


Helen Lingard

Ever wondered how You Attract your Ideal man/woman/Client or Prospect….


So Here is a really fun exercise, that originates from Michael Losier... 


You may or may not know that we have Contrast


Contrast is things we don’t want…

Helen LIngard


ie Rainy Days.. as a pose to Sunny days… thats Contrast….


Although we Need the Contrast to Really appreciate the good stuff..


So this exercise involves..


Taking a Sheet of Paper


On the Top, Write My Ideal Prospect/Partner, etc, whatever it is you want…

Click On my image and watch the video

 Helen Lingard


Then have two columns

What I don’t want…  …  What I do Want…

Then Write up to 20 Things You Don’t want on the left hand side..


People who don’t appreciate me and are unmotivated


People who don’t want change..


People I have to convince


People who are not persistent


People who are not willing to do whatever it takes


People who have no money


People are not are not spiritual


People who are cold and unfriendly


People with excuses


People who are not determined


People I have to chase


How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want – With the Law of Attraction

Helen Lingard

We Want Happy People, Fun People, People with a SOH don’t we?


People who will not do whatever it takes


You Get the Picture…..:)


Next is What You Do Want..



My Ideal Prospect/Partner etc…


Motivated people


People who appreciate me


People who are warm and friendly




So there is your contrast, (what you don’t want) and what you Do want…


Then you take All Your What you Do want and write down Affirmations like this..


You can Also use words like


Imagine If…


Wouldn’t It Be Lovely If…


Why is It I find it So Easy to Attract


I have gone with ‘I Love Knowing’…. because for me… I can read that and Feel the Enthusiasm… and Imagine having my goals…


I love knowing that my ideal X are easily inspired by me and have the money to

work with me…


I love knowing that my ideal prospect/team member/client appreciate me

 and are motivated and driven


I love knowing that my ideal prospect/team member/client chase

after me I wanting to join my business


Finally – an Optional extra… is to read this list out in the morning and evening in front of the mirror…looking at yourself and getting excited as you ‘think and imagine this happening’….


Doesn’t that sound amazing…


Here is Michael Losier, sharing a variation on this exercise


Now at the moment, I am doing a slant on this – I have recorded it on my phone,


as well as my  Clear outcome…



and its amazing to hear me read out with emotions what I am Attracting to my self …


So you can add that too if you like…


So there you go, follow this for Everything you want, a man, woman, house, car… and Be Deliciously Abundant, as you Desire and Deserve…


How To Have Fun and Attract Anything You Want – With the Law of Attraction


Go On Try it..and let me know how you get on…



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Empowering People with Law of Attraction.  

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  1. Thanks Helen for this post and the exercise. The law of attraction rocks!

  2. Thank you helen for the exercise and this post. The law of attraction rocks!

  3. Thanks for sharing Helen. Great way to use the law of attraction.

  4. Love this blog post Helen. I also went over and watched and commented on your Facebook video.

    This is such an awesome idea!

    I already know what happens when we focus solely on what we don’t want…we attract more of it. I love the spin of writing down that list, but then also writing down what we do want and following it with “I love knowing that,” is so powerful.

    Thanks for the awesome tips, as always.


    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Kristine, appreciate you and the comment on my video 🙂 Oh don’t we know it about focussing on what we don’t want..and we wonder why we get more of it !! LOl

  5. What a great exercise. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Awesome post about the Law of Attraction – thank you for sharing your personal experiences!

    Dr. Lisa

  7. Ray Ciafardini says:

    A I sit here reading about LOA and how to have fun with it from your post, I have my earbuds in listening LOA subliminal audios. The contrast exercise reminds me of the Pros and Cons method of decision making from Ben Franklin. All good stuff!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Good to know Ray – and how about sharing those subliminal LOA audios, Im not sure I know of those…

  8. You’re my LOA goddess and Guru Helen! Thank you for this deliciously abundant post! You’re the first person who opened my eyes to the Law Of Attraction and I can’t thank you enough for sharing all that you do!

  9. Great exercise
    There’s nothing like contrast to help me get me get more and more specific about what I want

  10. That’s a great exercise to do! I’m going to think about my wants and my don’t wants over the weekend. And write it all out as you say….

    … then, I think I’ll tear my list in half and crumple up the don’t wants half and throw it away!

    That should make me feel great!

  11. What a great exercise Helen, I had fun doing it so thank you.