How To Have Great Fun with The Law of Attraction | A Rampage Of Gratitude

How To Have Great Fun with The Law of Attraction – A Rampage Of Gratitude

In almost every book or teaching I have read about the Law of Attraction – they encourage us to have Fun With the The Law of Attraction – this is Absolutely the Way to BeDeliciously Abundant….so How To Have Great Fun with The Law of Attraction  A Rampage Of Gratitude



I asked Pam Grout after reading her Book E Squared, any tips she could share


“Have Fun, Make it a Game’ she said…


Abraham Hicks also share about playing games with The Law of Attraction


I am a Big Follower of Rhonda Byrne, have read ALL her books….


The Secret, The Power, Hero and more recently The Magic...

 In The Magic, Rhonda shares various Fun exercises to do  on Gratitude and.. its one of those books you find hard to put down..

because it just feels so Deliciously Abundant. Aka you feel soo good

How To Have Great Fun with The Law of Attraction – A Rampage Of Gratitude

In these books, she shares about doing a Rampage of Gratitude

This is A Game You can Play and really have Fun….

PLUS it really lifts your Spirits..

and hence your “Vibration’..and therefore you Attract more of what you want…


One or twice a month…


And it works wonders….


The More You are Grateful/Appreciate what you have in Life –

the More Of that You Bring To You..

So  its early April so once again time to do my Rampage of Gratitude..

Isn’t that fantastic….

Don’t you Love the Joy and happiness and enthusiasm in Esther Hicks voice..


So  your turn…

How many holidays did you have when you were a child that you DIDN”T pay for…


How Much Food did you have that you didn’t have to pay for?


How Many Outings did you have that you didn’t have to pay for?

I went all around Europe.. in a caravan.. visited some amazing places…








So You Can List Countries you have been to…

Money You Didn’t Spend on that Travel…

Here is rest of the Blog I did on this very subject.. Well worth a read..


Before I leave you with my recent blog

Heres my rampage for today

I Love connecting with more and more great people

I love waking up knowing I have a hot shower and good food to eat

I love Opening my eyes every morning and hearing the sound of the birds and seeing the daylight

I Love waking up to Another day..

I Love Going about my day KNOWING I am making a difference

now Go and read this Blog and Find out Much More About A rampage of Gratitude

Why Do A Rampage Of Gratitude


Let me know what you thought of this blog 

How To Have Great Fun with The Law of Attraction –

A Rampage Of Gratitude

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  1. What a fun blog! Thank you Helen. I’m a big believer in Law of Attraction – been practicing it all my life, it seems. My siblings just call it being spoiled LOL …but hey, not only do I manifest it into reality (because that’s only half the equation) I also put in the WORK! 😉

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thanks Kati.. its fascinating how it works when you just relax.. 🙂 interesting…as some schools of thought say you don’t have to work… others say ‘provide value’ and then you achieve 🙂 all very interesting..

  2. Love this post Helen! I truly believe that everyone should learn how to have great fun with the law of attraction.

    Based on your suggestion awhile back, I did The Magic Practice by Rhonda Byrne and loved it!

    I now am going to be looking at doing a Rampage of Gratitude, and really look forward to getting that into my routine.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Ray Ciafardini says:

    Helen, your post is correct, we need to have fun with LOA as with everything else in life. We can’t be serious all the time and if we are with the LOA, our vibrations will be kept down and not soar as when we are light-hearted and having fun. Thanks for sharing.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absolutely Ray.. Laughter is the Spice of life, Helps us get through sooo much 🙂

  4. Hi Helen, I was just reading today about what fun it should be, and if you are finding it hard then you are doing something wrong! Thanks for this.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absolutely Louisa, thats what I have read over the years too – have fun 🙂