How To Heal Relationships | Using The Law of Attraction

Firstly – The Law of Attraction Its Always working, whether you believe it or not

…the sooner we get what we Put Out There,  Comes Back to Us – In some way shape or form – the better your life will be…

That –  i Promise You

Whether you believe it Or Not…

What You Think About

 What You Feel About – Your Actions –

They All Act Like A mirror, A Boomerang…

if you like… A copy Machine… A Reflection…


I’ll confess I don’t totally understand it myself, I just know it works, it blows me away how quickly sometimes.


But Just as Bob Proctor shares…


How To Heal  Relationships  - Using The  Law of Attraction

We don’t understand Electricity.. We Just Know It Works…


So with that said…


I can hear you asking – How on Earth can the Law of Attraction help me Heal a Relationship…


Well firstly… 


The reason relationships fail is because

We Get Comfortable…. 

We Stop Working at a Relationship…

We take our partners/relationships for granted…

We Forget What We Love About them…

Whether thats a friend or a partner..


And Lastly but Most Importantly – We are not Loving Ourselves….

How To Heal  Relationships  – Using The  Law of Attraction

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Relationships LOA

 So Just to clarify

Think of someone you are not getting on with currently..

Could be Spouse. friend, family member…

Write down 10 or more things about them that you love…

An example here


1. X, I’m grateful, for our time together. While our marriage did end, I learned a lot, I am so much wiser today, and I use what I learned from our marriage in many of my relationships today.

2. X, I’m grateful for everything you did to try and make our marriage work, because ten years of marriage means you did try.

3. X, I am grateful to you for our children. The joy I receive from them every day could not be without you.

4. X, I’m grateful to you for the hard work and long hours you put in to support our family, while I was at home taking care of our children. It was a big responsibility to ave all of us dependent on you, so thank you.

5. X, I am grateful to you for the precious moments I had with our children as they grew up. I got to see our children talk and walk for the first time, and I know you didn’t have that opportunity.


Why You loved them in the first place…?

Think and write these things down for 30 days… 

Watch the relationships change…


Focus on the Best You Can In Others…

And When Characteristics are missing,

Practice seeing them anyway

For When You Practice the Thoughts of What You Desire

They Will Show Up In your Experience – Abraham Hicks


Healing Relationships using the Law of Attraction

And as a Bonus…

You can also ask yourself –

What is it about this person that I’m not accepting about myself…

The Very thing that annoys us in someone else –

is the very thing in ourselves what we are not Acknowledging..



This is something I’ve been working on lately and boy oh boy its Really helping me..

It really gets you working on ourself..and lets face it…

The ONE person who needs the most work

and the ONLY one we can control…


I will leave you with this thought…  

Wherever We Go We take ourselves With Us..

So Go out there and Be Deliciously Abundant In Love and Everything…

Love to hear how you get on with this…


 This is How I love and Live my  

Be Deliciously

Abundant life,

Blogging about My passions,


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 Helen Lingard


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  1. Helen what a lovely post! I really like the approach and example you have given and it has given me a lot to think about

  2. This is a great post Helen!

    It is so much easier to think of all the things that drive us nuts, the hurts, the lies, the bad things someone does or has done to us.

    I know I’ve heard this before, and I do think yo’re right…

    The ONE person who needs the most work

    and the ONLY one we can control…


    I am really going to work on doing more of this.

    Thank you Helen,


  3. I feel like I have said things that are so hurtful. I do need to take time out and realize I am taking advantage of a wonderful life. Thanks Helen.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      we all do Kathy ‘we were doing the best we could with what we had, now we know better, we will do better next time’ … Absolutely Kathy its all about moving forward 🙂

  4. Daphne Dobson says:

    Thanks for this great post Helen! I love the videos!
    I find that choosing to forgive each other is very important
    in any relationship. Too many times we tend to focus on the
    unimportant things instead of what’s important. It’s constant work.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Daphne, Absolutely ‘the small stuff’.. agree with you there. 🙂

  5. Great message and video Helen. Law of attraction is always working – always. I also agree with what we see in others is in us. Now I cannot always see it however I know it is true.

  6. Ray Ciafardini says:

    I keep getting deeper and deeper into LOA and this added to my knowledge. I wish I had known about writing down 10 things I love about someone for 30 days after years of marriage. May have prevented my divorces.Thanks for the info.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      We live and learn Ray 🙂 and until we can learn to love ourselves how can we properly love someone else

  7. I can see how the law of attraction is working because relationships start from the heart. And as you mention Helen, we get comfortable and may take each other for granted, so sharing the exercise and the information in your video is really valuable and helpful, thanks!

  8. great tips on how to heal relationships with the law of attraction

  9. Great Blog Helen and some great tips in there to start working on it too. Thank you so much.