How To Let It go | Let the Abundance In | Its Just Waiting To Be Downloaded

Don’t you just Love that How To Let It go – Let the Abundance In – Its Just Waiting To Be Downloaded


…Keep reading – this is exciting’ !!


I remember Rhonda Byrne saying this in many of her books….that its all waiting for you.. its all ‘pre-ordained’…

So….. you’ve been doing Everything right.. and The Abundance is Still not appearing –

you are still thinking Wheres My Stuff’…..well here ya go.. this it it…


We’ve all been there… .


I’ve attracted amazing abundance.. 



I attracted My gorgeous house and view…

How To Let It go - Let the Abundance In - Its Just Waiting To Be Downloaded


Helen Lingard

My Beautiful Kids (Yes I wanted One of Each, I got one of each ).

 Helen Lingard

And then I’ve had  a block…


I have used many of these strategies and Yes they have unblocked me.. OMG..

yes.. sounds hilarious – Ok so I’ve Let It Go…sounds so much better.. 🙂


The problem is – you have blocks – that you are not aware of….

Guilt, lack of forgiveness, feelings of not good enough, they can All ‘Block our Flow’…


Its important to realise, that these ‘strategies’..

they are   FREE

FREE of Preservatives….

FREE of Chemicals……

However, They are  Not ‘one time fixes’ All…


You Need to be doing these throughout your life – Just like Personal Development, Feeding your Mind – 

They require Daily Practice.... 


I shared Recently Faster EFT…. OMG – this blew my mind – I spent a week working on some of my sh*t…and boy did I let it go….and so I tap as often as I can – not as much as I should I have to admit…


I shared Clearing Your Chakras and Havening….


and here is Another amazing one….Another great strategy for Forgiveness, Letting Go.. clearing the blocks, whatever you want to call it …


How To Let It go – Let the Abundance In – Its Just Waiting To Be Downloaded

Prepare to be Blown away by this...

I Love what she says about – how the Universe has a way of making it right… wow…

As long as you keep your heart open.. the Universe will find another way of delivering to you…

Wow – Blow My Mind….

Reminds me of this mantra.. I tell myself every day..

How To Let It go - Let the Abundance In - Its Just Waiting To Be Downloaded


So there you go – Pray for those people in your life… for 30 days…

yes yes I know – Im not a praying person either – however Im Open to Anything

Remember Stay Open to Everything and Closed to Nothing – Wayne Dyer….



One of two things will happen…

Either You Will Behave Differently, Or I won’t Care  –
The Alchemy will change’.…Marianne Williamson


Your Greatest Power to Change The World is to
Change your Mind About the world – 


Wasn’t this amazing – its All waiting, like a file to be downloaded.…isn’t that incredible…


I have to say – one of the books on my list – is a Course in Miracles its the Next Book…. 🙂


Its Just Waiting To Be Downloaded 


I have heard various versions on this

Abraham Hicks
talk about Writing 10 or more things you love about that person for 30 days…

Rhonda Byrne talks about sending people love and blessings wherever you are…

Marion talks about praying about that person…

So there you go..How To Let It go – Let the Abundance In – Its Just Waiting To Be Downloaded

 Do ALL FasterEFT, Havening, Clearing your Chakras

and let me know how you go..and do come back and let me know how you go…

I am Passionate about Helping You Become the Best Possible Version of You
and Attract All You Desire and Deserve.. come Join Me


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  1. Fantastic blog Helen, forgiveness towards others has proven to be far more productive than holding onto hatred. Wasted energy. Great lesson!

  2. OH !
    So nice is your place!
    Wish to be one in your team of peace, some day.
    BUT, would be a far cry for me!
    WHO knows , what may happen?

    Kanai Chakraberti

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Kanal.. just put it out there ‘what if’..’imagine if’..thanks for your comment

  3. Angie HI says:

    Love your post! Forgiving yourself and others is an important part of manifesting a more abundant life. Thanks for sharing

  4. I love it Helen. There are many techniques we can use to let our stuff go. I love the video with Oprah and Marianne Williamson. I love that book – A Return to Love. I have read it many times. Thank you!

  5. Shaun Trewern says:

    Wow…… what an amazing conversation that video was. Loved it!

    Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog Helen, you’re awesome.