How To Stay Positive | How to Stay Positive in a Crazy World

How To Stay Positive – How to Stay Positive in a Crazy World


I have been asked this question,.How To Stay Positive – How to Stay Positive in a Crazy World,

lets say ‘several times’…

so I thought I would share in this blog, 

Now I know if you are reading this, you are wondering/wanting to know how to stay positive…


Some 10 years ago, I went through Several awful  situations All in one go


a close relative died… 


….followed shortly after by my job being disestablished…..


I was then offered another role – which I wasn’t really in a fit state of mind to take…


….Along with this – I developed  some health issues, which necessitated me going to the hospital regularly….


And on top of that – I was bullied for a year

…. before at last leaving…


Yes – absolutely the year from Hell…  lol…

and Its made me the person I am now


So how did I turn this round…?

I had watched The Secret the year before all this happened and so a seed had been planted…


On leaving my job – I took some time to myself – where i started to Really immerse myself in Personal Development...And I mean REALLY Immerse Myself…I now spend at least an hour a day, reading/watching and listening to Empowering ‘books’ videos etc…

So here are the  things I’ve used when I’ve needed to change my mindset around...


  • Reading Empowering Books…
  • Turning off the news and not reading the newspapers..


yes sh*t happens – however we can do nothing about what has happened already… 


hence there is no point in watching it..!!


How To Stay Positive – How to Stay Positive in a Crazy World

  • Go Watch  the Good News Networkthis is a Brilliant Place where they share,Exactly that ‘Good News Stories’.. 


  • Practice gratitude – waking up every day and writing at least 10 things to be grateful for…


  • Go Out there and Show Kindness to Others..there is Truly Nothing Better than Seeing Other people Smile Because of something you did,plus it distracts you from your own problems… seriously I speak from experience


Two and a half years ago –


I went through a very challenging time (again!) Yes Sh*t happens.. I lost my fur baby… 


Zoe onbed

One of the Biggest losses of my life…I share in the video this… and I also share how I turned it around

 Click My image and watch my video…


How To Stay Positive – How to Stay Positive in a Crazy World



and lastly, I want to share with you – one of the first books I read after being introduced to The Secret...

Happy For No reason – by Marci Shimoff –

She travels the world, meeting people

who are not living in or with the best circumstances,

however they are making the best with what they have…


Thats the Secret of Happiness –
Being Happy with what you have…

Helen Lingard

Knowing, as My dad taught me –

there is Always someone worse off than You…


So Focus on Being Grateful there you go… How to Stay Positive in a Crazy World


Being Kind and in the words of the Infamous,


Monty Python – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life 🙂 


Life isn’t’  always fair – however WE CHOSE how we respond to it..


I hope this has helped you…


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  1. Good advice,,,I’ll do my best to put it in practice thank you

  2. people tend to forget that they have a choice to be happy

  3. Sharing your story Helen really helps to remind us that whatever stuff we are going through we can always fall back on good books and look for those positive things in our lives to help us to keep pushing on. So sorry to hear of your loss with your dog but always appreciate your incredible inspiration that brings value into my day as I’m sure it will for others. Thanks for sharing!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      thank you Lynn.. it was tough losing my fur baby – really appreciate your comment, glad to be providing value

  4. This was the right time to read this post given what just went on in the US. Finding my way through, and this post has been helpful. Thank you Helen.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      You are welcome… it really wasn’t timed that way – however as you say… it worked out well… Stay Positive Carol and have Faith that ‘everything always works out’ 🙂

  5. Being positive helps you to make your day right. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great advice Helen.

    Staying positive takes practice in my opinion, the more I practice, the easier it gets

    The Secret is a great place to start as well!

  7. Great post Helen. It’s hard to stay positive and happy when there is so much negative in the world. Turning off the news and reading positive empowering and inspirational books will help you stay positive. I try to look at the good in every situation, sometimes it’s hard but it makes life better. Thanks for sharing.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      I tune out of the negativity Deirdre 🙂 and yes there is good in everything – as hard as it is to see sometimes 🙂 thank you