I don’t Understand The Law of Attraction? | Bob Proctor Explains the Law of Attraction

I don’t Understand The Law of Attraction?  Bob Proctor Explains The Law of Attraction

To Be honest, I was racking my brain, for what to share with you today and as usual the Universe did not let me down…

You see the Universe is Always looking after you – we Just have to trust it –

ie The Law Of Attraction, whatever name you want to give…


Isn’t it funny, we never doubt that Gravity works… I guess thats because we can SEE it ..

working – however when you get your head around the Law of Attraction, you notice that working too…


You think of a friend – and they ring you…


Anyway, I have seen this question asked by people who have tried to work with it, as well as people who think its a bit ‘woo hoo’….


Hence, Im sharing…What I believe is  possibly be the Best Explanation ever of The Law of Attraction….


so if you are one of the many people who ask this question.. I don’t Understand The Law of Attraction?  


then this is for you…Bob Proctor Explains


Bob Proctor featured in The Secret. and hes written many books… 


Check out this video, one of the best explanations I’ve seen… 


I don’t Understand The Law of Attraction?  Bob Proctor Explains The Law of Attraction



Don’t stress too much about ‘understanding it’… It takes some time..


I’m Still a WIP…


and I have attracted….


 my house…and view…


Helen Lingard

 My travel…Sedona Arizona and many other places…

Cathedral Rock


  • Feed your mind with Empowering Stuff.. 
  • Read  Empowering Books ON the Law of Attraction, E Squared, 
  • Turn off the news 
  • Stop reading the newspapers… 
  • Pay Attention to What you Focus on.. 
  • Focus on gratitude

Become Tuned in to your own Feelings,

If you don’t feel good, ask yourself

‘What Do I want, Or How Do I want To Feel…

Match the Frequency… ie Feel Good… 

I don’t Understand The Law of Attraction –  Bob Proctor Explains The Law of Attraction


 So there You go… a great explanation.. and as I say don’t sweat it.. Just know… 

Feel Good…

Think of What you want to achieve.. and Imagine you have it already…

Don’t Focus on what can Go wrong….

Hope this has answered your question…. 

I don’t Understand The Law of Attraction  Bob Proctor Explains The Law of Attraction

 For further clarification, Check out more of my LOA blogs  here..


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  1. Helen,

    An excellent post on the LOA. While I am fairly new to this topic I found some great value here. I especially like the video you posted. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Daphne Dobson says:

    Awesome post Helen!
    Love the video by Bob Proctor. Will have to download
    a copy of his book; “You Were Born Rich.”
    Love the beautiful pics in your post as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your insight Helen. Thanks for sharing Bob Proctor’s video and law of attraction is something I just started learning more about. For me it is about getting to know more about who I am and how things around me and people I meet can affect my life in many ways, bringing awareness to how important staying positive and having faith is. Thanks for sharing!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absolutely Lynn, the more we learn about ourselves and being happy the more it works well 🙂