So This morning, I woke up – rang through my usual routine – Meditation, Gratitude etc…

However, Something was bothering me…..

My gut told me to Seek out Byrne Katie – The Work…..



We All Have times where We Get So Upset…

with Various People….Relatives, Friends, Road Rage….
This Zaps at our energy – therefore taking us into a Negative Space and very often in tears..and right out of the Vortex….well this Will Take You Right Back In…Hence, I shared what I learnt, once again this morning….How To Get Back Into The Vortex  Be Deliciously Abundant,  With The Work

I read her  Book – A Few years ago.. ……Loving What Is….

Its Quite Incredible…

I loved it so much, I gave a a few copies away to people….

Everyone is a reflection of Us….Good and Bad…When We Warm to SomeoneIts Because they have something in them that We Love About Ourselves..When Someone annoys us – we find that whatever they are doing.. is a reflection of Ourselves…

Everyone Is A MIRROR ….

Whether they are showing Us something that we don’t want to face in ourselves…

Or Perhaps something we have buried in our Subconsious…One of mine, Im not afraid to share was….


UnSurprisingly maybe – its very common…. Im still A WIP 🙂

How To Get Back Into The Vortex, With the Work

Helen LingardIf Ever someone was rude or condescending to me – I would get so upset….
It Took me Years… to Realise – after Immersing Myself in Self Growth….
and that wonderful quote..
No One Can Make You Feel Anything You Don’t Want to Feel… 

Ie – Meaning Unless you Feel ‘Less Than’ Yourself -No One Can Get To You….

Byrone Katie – went through a breakdown to Re Surface with this Incredible Resource for working things out…

She Teaches in such an Entertaining way – not unlike Abraham Hicks, Robert G Smith – Other favourites of mine…

There are Various processes you can do to Get Back into the Vortex…

Theres Faster EFT I mentioned earlier… – I shared about that here....
… Then there is the Work –

Which Always leave me with a Huge smile on my face

and Also tears on my cheeks, as I realise its About Me !!

They Always Are.!!! Isn’t that So Annoying – OMG Its About ME!!!

Yes IT Takes Real Self Growth To Get Through This and To Knock That Ego Out of the Door…

I shared This blog on Byrone Katie – a few years ago -It really resonated with me, we lost someone in my family too.. you can read that here…you can also find the Worksheet here.
So as I shared earlier, This morning – I woke up  and  feeling upset at someone.
Byrone Katie came  to My head….so I did one of her exercises..I tend to google whatever Im upset about and add her name…

and bingo…. It works like Magic 🙂

Then I came across this one….

So How To Get Back Into The Vortex


One of the Most Powerful Videos You Will ever Watch:)

So there You Go… How To Get Back Into The Vortex  Be Deliciously Abundant  With The Work
The Thing I love about Byrone Katie.. is…that She never fails to Leave me Smiling!!
Even Laughing….
Realising that Its All About Me…and What I Can Do To Work On Me!!Remember It All Starts AND Ends With Us….
And Alas.. She takes me Back into the Vortex 🙂
Read, Watch , Enjoy and Leave me Your Comments
 How To Get Back Into The Vortex  Be Deliciously Abundant  With The Work