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Hi Welcome – by now you will know a little more about me –

if not head over to my page here where I share more about me…

I am Passionate about helping people enjoy life..

know that

Everything happens for a reason


and that there are certain laws that are always working….

how to get the best out of those Laws…

Laws like the Law of Attraction – which works very much like Gravity

Works goes up must come down.

The Law of Attraction  works like this….

whatever we Put out THERE in our thoughts, in our words.. and in our Actions

Come back to us… Its Like A Mirror…


Helen Lingard

A Reflection – A copy of whatever we are doing..

(and yes the more we fall in love with ourselves, the more other people will do too)


So this is how the Law of Attraction works

You think about someone and they ring you – or they even come and see you…

I also had an example whereby I was doing a temporary job and I wasn’t sure I wanted it anymore…

Within 2 hours of having that discussion with my agency – my job was cancelled…


Coincidence – not at all…

I put that out there – so it came right back to me…

Thats the Law of Attraction working with you or against you…

thats Entirely Up to You….

Several years ago, I watched the Secret, I read the book first..

well in fact I DEVOURED the book..and then got the film and I was hooked…


I hadn’t realised how much I had already manifested…

My move to New Zealand, the men in my life.. (good and bad).. and even my house !!

Good and Bad !! But thats Ok – when you realise.. learn to take Responsibility…

its quite fun… and you have to laugh at it..

And its great to laugh – you bring more things to Laugh at back to you…

So You really can have great fun  with it…

And In fact as Pam Grout says

‘ Learn to Have Fun with It’…

Just as with life –

You can’t take Life too Seriously…


Remember We Get out of Life = Exactly what we Put Into it…

So with that said..


Either Come Join me Blogging

and Share your Passion for life… maybe its the Law of Attraction too…

Coaching With Helen

Contact me and ask about my Coaching…you can see more about it here..




I am grateful to Helen Lingard for becoming my mindset coach/lifecoach.

During our regular catch ups Helen has listened and provided suggestions and feedback that have kept me focussed and motivated.

She has not been afraid to challenge me which has allowed me to take a good look at myself and realise how

I’m going to achieve what I want out of life.

It is very clear that Helen loves what she does, she is an extremely passionate and positive person.

Helen has provided me with tools and exercises that have helped me dramatically and for this I’m thankful –


Helen Lingard has an uncanny knack of combining compassion with a strong practical approach to solving issues and helping people move from ‘stuck’ to ‘successful’.

If you work with Helen, expect a ‘cuddle’ and a ‘kick up the backside’ both at the same time.

If you are looking for a mentor to help you to move on from the ‘single parent’ label and step into what you are truly passionate about then I would highly recommend Helen.

She is both a role model and an inspirational coach

Mandy..Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Trainer | Founder CTC Marketing |

Helen Lingard has always shown a strong dedication to her personal and professional development to ensure she is suitably skilled to provide value to her prospective business partners and team.

I would recommend that anyone who comes across Helen looking for coaching in the Home Business industry to follow her up for a personal consultation – Drew..

Professional Internet Marketer, Sales Trainer, Seminar Speaker and Passionate Free Skier

and Just before you go – you can read here.. how I manifested $1497 in ONe Day using the Law of Attraction…

Helen Lingard


I am Passionate about People…

People Like YOU….

You Have So Much To Share with the World…

The experiences You’ve had,

the Life you are living… 

There are People Out there

who are waiting to hear from You...



Whether thats through Blogging or coaching – Im here to help you

And when you realise how to work with these Laws, Life gets soo much better..

Helping People Move past their Challenges, Enjoy life and Achieve their goals..

With Love


Love to hear your thoughts –


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Helen Lingard