It Starts With With You | Be Yourself | A Beautiful Brilliant Star

Whenever I see this image, or hear this song, it reminds me of my younger days, when I certainly wasn’t being true to myself…

… I had so little self esteem,

I would Dress Like Others,


Talk Like Others,

Even Write like others

I even got cars like other people when I was older !!

Hilarious – and It took me to fall out with friends, to REALLY start to be myself, though probably me being myself was the reason I fell out with them in the first place…

However, lately I am So Proud to be myself, as you can tell from my photos lol (mad as a hatter)

anyway to this song…


OMG – how often do you hear words or a song that you can relate to.. this was such a song..

….So you wonder why you are not attracting everything you want?

The Man/woman of your dreams…?

That House you want…?

That Life you want?


because you are being so hard on yourself….

You need to start loving you –


It Starts With With You –

Accepting Yourself…


Being Yourself….

release the blocks – there are many modalities to use…to release those blocks

Write out Everything You Feel On Paper – in detail ‘I hate this because, I hate her because’ .. really get it all out… go out in the car and write it and then scream to your hearts content..


Faster EFT.. I used Robert G Smith, Margaret Lynch and many others


Then Listen to this song…

It was written for US…… 


This has me in tears every time I listen...


She could have been singing to me.. and I know from what  the emails/messages I get…

So many of Us need to hear this.. so I just had to share in a blog…


 Be Yourself – A Beautiful Brilliant Star



Be yourself. Don’t try to impress.

Baby there isn’t anybody else quite like You.


Don’t try to imitate.

The universe doesn’t make mistakes.

Authenticity is the only way to live your life freely.


Be yourself.

Everybody else is taken.

Be yourself.

Listen with your heart.


Be yourself.

Shine like the diamond you are.

A beautiful brilliant star.

The greatest work of art….

feet on sand

Walk for a day in someone else’s shoes.


You’ll see that they struggle with themselves just like YOU….


With their insecurities like am I enough?, am I weaker?,


am I tougher?,


am I cool ?


or beautiful?


Be Yourself – Be Deliciously Abundant…


Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.

Be yourself
. Listen with your heart.

Be yourself.


Shine like the diamond you are.

A beautiful brilliant star.

The greatest work of art….

I wish my mamma could have told me what I’m telling you.

But I had to learn the hard way. So when you feel the passion burn inside,

don’t let it slip away and Die….

Be yourself,

everybody else is taken.

Be yourself. Shine like the diamond you are.


A beautiful brilliant star.

The greatest work of arts.

Trust in your beauty, Trust  in your love.

Look for it within yourself. You will always be enough.


Isn’t it beautiful….


I have learnt over the years – as she sings – walk in someone else’s shoes…

Doesn’t matter how Amazing they Look…


How Amazing their life ‘appears’…


I remember a year or so ago reading about Cindy Crawford I think it was,


how even in her modelling days in the 80’s she was still insecure

.. really?

doesn’t it just blow you away….


They ALL have challenges Just like You and Me…


So isn’t it Time You Started to LOVE Yourself…



Love Your Life…

Live Your Life…


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I hope this song/blog fills you up as much as it fills me.

.It Starts With With You – Be Yourself – A Beautiful Brilliant Star



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  1. Hi Helen, what a great blog! Love the music! Powerful message, thank you Helen✌

  2. What a great post and I love the line, ‘don’t try to imitate, the universe doesn’t make mistakes’ – absolutely true. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful piece of writing.

  3. Shelley says:

    WOW Helen of all your messages this one is by far the most incredibly beautiful one!! I am listening to her sing and I have goose bumps!! Great way to start a Monday morning thank you for sharing this one truly brilliant 🙂 xo

  4. Debbie Moffat says:

    Thanks Helen… I love this Community that it teaches us to be ourselves….

  5. Helen you write the most amazing and important blog posts. That song is amazing and like Shelley her voice and the words give me goose bumps.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Aww thanks Sue… that means so much to me… I write from the heart.. I share what moves me, what helps me…and yes I just love this song… so much feeling in this song and it relates to soo many people… Really appreciate your words Sue.. thank you 🙂

  6. Self ‘acceptance’ is one of the biggest lessons we have to learn. To love yourself (with all the good, all the bad and even with all the BS) ‘unconditionally’ because your creator does. Simple message yes but powerful…indeed! Thank you Helen.

  7. Beautiful post Helen!

    I absolutely love the lyrics to that song, wow! Simply amazing. It really opens up your mind, doesn’t it?

    It all begins with loving ourselves, even with our imperfections, so that we can love others on a much higher level.

    Great share, thank you!

  8. We should all strive to be ourselves….we were all meant to shine, as children do. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone…