Its As Easy To Manifest A House | As It Is A Button

Its As Easy To Manifest A House as It Is A Button

When I asked Rui to be one of my guests – I Did not expect to hear this story…Its As Easy To Manifest A House as It Is A Button


Rui shares this incredible story, that I have not heard before… Its An Absolutely incredible story…..

I have met Rui several times…

I just Love him….

…..Aside from the Fact, He is  A Huge Giver……

He shares more about this in his interview….

He’s Also a Very down to earth, humble guy –

Its As Easy To Manifest a House as it Is A Button

……you’ll get that in the interview too…

Hes also a Huge Family Man – You Only have to Look at his Facebook page to see that…

However this story blew me away – Watch the WHOLE video – Its worth it…

 Its As Easy To Manifest a House


Wasn’t that Amazing….

Worth listening to Every minute – incredible story…

Not sure if you could tell by my face, however half the time I was just

“This Can’t BE True – OMG’….

Its As Easy To Manifest A House as It Is A Button

Here is that house….


Melissa and Rui Enjoying their house ..


I hope you enjoyed my interview this week

I am Still blown away by Rui’s Story….Are You?

So Off you go – and manifest….. Its As Easy To Manifest A House as It Is A Button

Please leave me your comments…


Me with Rui and His Lovely Wife Melissa

Rui and Melissa, Helen


  1. Rui is such a down to earth, genuine nice guy who has figured out how to manifest the life he desires while helping an enormous amount of people! Such an amazing inspirational man. Thank you so much Helen for bringing us this interview. <3

  2. I remember when Rui had to have his speeches translated by someone else on stage… English comes across as his first language now… Love this guy.. He clearly has a huge heart … a loving heart.. It’s amazing what he has accomplished in such a short time.. I love how he points out that after you ask … pay attention .. opportunities will present itself. Action must be taken… such an important point for all of us to grasp.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absolutely Robert – we have to be Open to It All 🙂 and I can’t believe he had to have a translater 🙂 hes soo good ) Far better than my portuguese 🙂

  3. It just goes to show the that MORE you GIVE … the more you MANIFEST!!! Another EPIC interview Helen! Keep them coming!!!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thanks Erica – Absolutely – I know that people who Give as much as people like Rui – just Ooze LOA 🙂

  4. Helen,

    Rui is pretty amazing…you can tell when someone starts talking about their passion. They get pretty excited and enthused in the conversation. Great interview!

  5. He has such an incredible gift for others. A Big Heart. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Awesome interview Helen. Rui is an amazing inspiration. So glad you interviewed him. Loved watching him…Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Oh Helen, I love Rui’s story. He and Melissa are so inspiring, and are a true testament to the Law of Attraction, persistence and integrity.

    I remember hearing him for the first time when he was on stage telling his story, it literally gave me goosebumps!

    It still gets me…to see what is truly possible, the transformation. Simply incredible.

    Thanks for sharing this one!