The Only New Year’s Resolution that Matters | With Pam Grout

A few years ago, I decided to interview Law of Attraction experts. This lady was one of my first. She was so humble, so easy to talk to. Considering how successful she is, she was just amazing. I loved her before and have loved her since. The Law of Attraction is Always working – whether […]

George Clooney Slept here | Well Actually He Didn’t..

  I was so thrilled when Pam Grout agreed to be interviewed by me. She is so lovely. Even being as famous as she is, she made it so easy. You’ll hear more about the George Clooney bit in the interview – stay tuned What was even more amazing was, she was getting over a […]

One The Most Powerful Words You’ll Ever Say

Several years ago, I started 90 days of Gratitude. I was going through a tough time, and a few people had suggested gratitude, so I thought ‘what the hell’.. I met a lady – on a weekend course, she was amazing,  I needed somewhere to stay, she offered to share her room with me. Over […]

You are So Much More Capable Than You Give Yourself Credit For

Its Kinda funny, we know this as children, and yet we seem to forget it, as we get older. Watch young kids play, and they are ‘generally’ so confident, fearless !!       Something, I’ve started to realise lately, That we Are So Much Better Than We Ever Give Yourselves credit for… I remember […]

You’ve Got This | You’ve Always Got This | The Universe Has Your Back

  I was inspired to share this again, by a challenge I’ve got right now.. Not a Huge challenge, however I needed reminding that I’ve Got this… Enjoy and Please do leave me your comments You’ve Got Life… You’ve always got it.. Just Remember, ‘The Universe Has My Back…” I went on a sking holiday […]

How To Be Your Own Best Friend

I was inspired to do this Post, after being asked this question in a Facebook Group, How to  Be Your Own Best Friend Omg It bought up so many memories, Wow  I can Relate – I’m sure many of us can.. I haven’t always been my own Best Friend.. .and after having so much sh*t […]

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

I was having a discussion with a lovely lady recently,  and she bought up this subject, which is pretty close to my heart, as a close relative feels this way too, and I was inspired to share my own personal thoughts.   ‘I have so many questions about God. Why do bad things happen to […]

Where Is The Love? | Where is The Self Love?

I shared a Live about this subject this morning, on my facecbook page.. I share it at the end of this blog. come on, you’ve got to read this Blog and then you can go over there !! so Where is the Love?   Lets Start Being Kinder to Ourselves and Kinder to Others..   […]

What are The Lessons I Can Learn From This Relationship

This is something i’ve known for some time… that there is a Lesson to learn from Every Relationship…   Every Challenge, whether thats a situation.. or a person.There is a Lesson to Learn, A Message for Us   … Something to Learn…When we realise that this is a Reflection of Ourselves.. its Very powerful…its Very Revealing So […]

What Rough Rocks and A Cold Pool In Kos Taught Me About Life

So last year I was in Kos.. OMG heaven on earth – and it meant so much more to me.. as I haven’t been to Greece since my twentys…. I LOVE  the water and to be honest, I could not WAIT to get into the water…. However, when I did, and as i watched my fellow […]