10 Ways To Live As A Powerful Creator | With Bentinho Massaro

This is an older blog that needs a re-share, this guy is Absolutely Amazing – Enjoy I was introduced to this guy several months ago.… Bentinho Massaro He is Only 26 and yet listen to him, he is just amazing…… so I just had to share his video Super Accelerated Living 10 Ways To Live As A Powerful Creator […]

How To Overcome the Fear and Start Manifesting | With Gabrielle Bernstein 

This is an oldie but  a goodie – sharing again.. enjoy 🙂 So have you ever gone through something that was So Terrifying that you really didn’t know how you were going get through, well firstly – you are not Alone In my time of vlogging – I have found that there is Always someone […]

When Did You Last Write A Love Letter To Yourself | Your Younger Self

So when did you last write a love letter to yourself? Its taken me a ALOT of years to Love myself… Not in a an arragant way…   .. Just accepting and Loving myself ‘as I am’ … after all Im the ONLY ME, Im ever going to get… I have met many women over […]

You Are Badass At Making Money | Never Give Up | Jen Sincero

Life is About Never Giving
Life is About Becoming the Best Version of yourself and Attracting All You Desire and Deserve,
Life is About Being a Badass, At making money…

When Did You Last Write a Love Letter To Money | Clear your Blocks

When did you last write a Love Letter to yourself?

… to a Friend?

… even to money

… I bet you can’t remember huh?

Money is your Friend right?

Celebrate Every Manifestation | Be Deliciously Abundant

omeone Gives you a Compliment – Thank you…

Remember the More You appreciate something – the More the Universe or God Whoever You believe in…

Appreciates You with More

Are You A Badass | With Jen Sincero and BeDeliciously Abundant

Just recently I was recommended this amazing Book….

… and guess where I found it –

on Youtube…

Now Im not encouraging you to Just listen to it on Youtube..
You Absolutely Must get the book so you can listen to it, read it
(I listen to them whilst I walk,

An Interview With | Catherine Behan | Thank And Grow Rich

don’t know about you – however – Part of My Daily activities is reading Empowering Books…

One Amazing author I have discovered over the past few years Is…

This Amazing Lady….

6 Ways To Work WITH The Universe | Be (come) Deliciously Abundant

Firstly – Do You Know How Good it Feels to Write a Flesh Blog…

Oh my Goodness.. its been so long….

and yet when I saw this Amazing video, I could not help but share it with you…

and Do Let me know Which is Your Favourite…

The Soiree | A Breath of Fresh Air

Because my Aunty was…. just that..

She was Always Positive….

Always uplifting..

always laughing ..

she saw the best in everyone…