5 Easy Ways to Make Room for Abundance | Be Deliciously Abundant

So what do we need to clear out? Well much like you have a clear out of your house ( I did that 2 years ago, however thats another story) you have to Have a Clear Out of your Own Head/Heart…Let Go of All the ‘rubbish’ thats built up…

Past Beliefs

Past Hurts

Past Angers

How To Let It go | Let the Abundance In | Its Just Waiting To Be Downloaded

The problem is – you have blocks – that you are not aware of….Guilt, lack of forgiveness, feelings of not good enough, they can All ‘Block our Flow’…

Unblock your Flow With Havening | Let the Abundance In with Havening

If you read my blog – you will know that I have been going through some Absolutely amazing ‘letting go/unblocking’ techniques…

Things I hasten to add, I have experienced myself…and Boy are these things incredible… Faster EFT… blows my mind… then the simplicity of the Chakras..and now Havening – wow – who knew helping ourselves could be sooo easy !!

How To Increase The Abundance Flow | With These Two Simple Strategies

Ok thats the First thing you need to do – every day… morning and evening… and whenever something or Someone bothers you….

I have been doing this as I say for the last few days – and I’ve had comments about how good I look

Whilst Im still a WIP (Work in progress) My shoulders are lighter already…