One The Most Powerful Words You’ll Ever Say

Several years ago, I started 90 days of Gratitude. I was going through a tough time, and a few people had suggested gratitude, so I thought ‘what the hell’.. I met a lady – on a weekend course, she was amazing,  I needed somewhere to stay, she offered to share her room with me. Over […]

You Take You Wherever You Go | An Evening Of Inspirational Talks

I was asked recently to take Part in An Evening of Inspirational Talks, it was a charity event….

I was delighted to take part and chose this talk,

– as It really resonates with me… The Title Being You Take You Wherever You Go

So what is The Secret to Happiness | Is there a Simple Guide To happiness

I was introduced to this book – a week or so go – and I just find it absolutely amazing..

…..its lifted me up so much, I’ve shared it already with so many people…. hence my blog or rather vlog

5 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself..| To Be Happier | Be Deliciously Abundant

I was inspired to write this today – and as I wrote it – I remembered Why I was writing this….

A couple of years ago I lost my fur baby… it really sent me into a bad spiral…

These are ALL the things I used to feel better ..

When You Realise The Universe Always Has Your Back | What Have You Manifested?

we Forget to Notice What Has manifested

I totally understand the frustration – I have been there many times….

When is this going to manifest? – I say through clenched teeth…

How This One Process Can and Will Make You A Better Manifester | Morning Pages

So I shared an article in yesterday’s blog and someone commented about the Morning Pages..included,

to be honest I hadn’t thought much about them, I was too busy loving the rest of the article,

… because quite frankly I had done so much of it ..and I was so happy with myself for doing that…

So What Is The Secret To Abundance | The Secret to Abundance Explained

What Can I do today to Help Myself and Others….

How Can I make myself and others Happy today….

Keep Feeling Good – Feel as if you have All the Abundance/the ‘stuff’ you want Every day…

What Does it Take To Be More Successful | Happier | With Tony Robbins

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff..

As yourself How Can I Make Others Happy Today?

How Can I Make ME Happy…

Fall in Love with Life, with others..and It All Comes Together…

How I Used the Law of Attraction | To Manifest $1497 in One Day

I thought it about time I shared this post….I don’t share this to show off, but To inspire you, empower you to know What Is Possible with The Law of Attraction and This Simple System..

To Be Quite honest….. Im not always ‘happy’ with sharing about making money etc

.. although I know this needs to be shared… to help YOU… Hence my blog….