You are So Much More Capable Than You Give Yourself Credit For

Its Kinda funny, we know this as children, and yet we seem to forget it, as we get older. Watch young kids play, and they are ‘generally’ so confident, fearless !!       Something, I’ve started to realise lately, That we Are So Much Better Than We Ever Give Yourselves credit for… I remember […]

How The First 20 Minutes Of Your Day | Can Change Your Life

Did you know that the first 20 minutes of your day are the Most Important….

Having Just woken up – Your Subconscious is in its most receptive Mode

And Of Course – The More You Are Inspired, Motivated –

You Take You Wherever You Go | An Evening Of Inspirational Talks

I was asked recently to take Part in An Evening of Inspirational Talks, it was a charity event….

I was delighted to take part and chose this talk,

– as It really resonates with me… The Title Being You Take You Wherever You Go

How to Get the Law of Attraction Working For You | You Get Who You are

You are a Magnet…

What You think About You bring About…

When you are Kind – People will be Kind to you…

If you are Mean/Rude/Nasty – then that will come back to you…

You get What You Are – Who You are Being

It Starts With With You | Be Yourself | A Beautiful Brilliant Star

OMG – how often do you hear words or a song that you can relate to.. this was such a song..

So you wonder why you are not attracting everything you want?

The Man/woman of your dreams…

What Sort Of Questions Are You Asking? | Shift your Focus with Tony Robbins

I hear people say All the time ‘I can’t do this’

‘I don’t have the money’….

if this is something you find yourself saying? then here ya go…

Change your focus…

How to Manifest with Ease | with Lilou Mace and Sonia Choquette

As I say in the video, Rhonda Byrne also shares in her book The Power, I believe how Love is the Answer…

Saying out loud, writing out what you love – the more you focus on what you love – the More you lift your vibration

How About the Good News Network | What You Look For You Will Find

I don’t watch the news, my philosophy is I can’t change it – its happened but what I can

Do is Work on Making the world a better place myself…

So yes I put out there what I want back.. Im still very much a WIP..

How a 12 year Old Girl Set Her Intention | The Power of an Intention

Decided I was GOING to be a nurse…and nothing was getting in my way…

So funny, thinking back then…..

I remember, I KNEW I was going to be a nurse….

As I share in the video, I wasn’t doing particular well at school….

Welcome To Be Deliciously Abundant – So Who Am I

I am a Brit/Kiwi….
In that I spent my life up to the age of 28 in the UK… mainly in South Wales, thats the UK, not New South Wales… ..and then to London.. before leaving for New Zealand almost on a whim..yes It really was like that…