One The Most Powerful Words You’ll Ever Say

Several years ago, I started 90 days of Gratitude. I was going through a tough time, and a few people had suggested gratitude, so I thought ‘what the hell’.. I met a lady – on a weekend course, she was amazing,  I needed somewhere to stay, she offered to share her room with me. Over […]

The Power of Forgiveness | Releasing yourself | Letting the Abundance In

he stuff we go through growing up…

Our parents, issues, school issues, work issues…

You name it…

That ‘sh*t’… is often what blocks us from having the life we Desire, We Deserve and Frankly….

How to be BeDeliciously Abundant In Love | How To Attract Your Ideal Man


… and Happy….

You Don’t Need A Man (or a woman or anything you ‘think you wan’t..),