The Power of Forgiveness | Releasing yourself | Letting the Abundance In

The Power of  Forgiveness  Releasing yourself  Letting the Abundance In


Where do I start here? wow…

Well I guess, its to say that this is something Im working on…

and its been quite a rollercoaster few weeks…sometimes good and sometimes not so ….

However, they do say that everything turns to chaos before a breakthrough…

and Im certainly going through one of those 🙂

Just like a house, our hearts and our heads accumulate so much ‘sh*t’ over the years…The Power of  Forgiveness  Releasing yourself  Letting the Abundance In


The stuff we go through growing up…


Our parents, issues, school issues, work issues…


You name it…


That ‘sh*t’… is often what blocks us from having the life we Desire, We Deserve and Frankly….


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So for the last X years I’ve been working on myself…



I didn’t grow up with much self confidence…. low self esteem

So as I have worked on myself..consistently over the last 10-20 years…

I liken it to a butterfly releasing from the cocoon…

As you release yourself from the ‘old’ skins…


The Power of  Forgiveness

become more confident…

You learn to let things go…

Let me give you an example  here…


For years I have wanted to Shave my heard..

or at least have one side shorter than the other….

Also for ‘years’ I have wanted to go Platinum…  

I am now ‘Silver’ and its All Natural and I have my one side short and one side long


I am Being True to Myself… At last !! and I love it 🙂



(and no not everyone likes it, approves of it, its even been suggested

‘when are you going to colour it… Shock Horror how dare they ????

ps Im not!)


I have left My adopted home of New Zealand ‘for a while’ and have returned to the UK ‘for a while’…

and my friends from back ‘home’  have said to me who have seen me on Facebook etc…

‘Oh you look so amazing’

You look Sooo peaceful’….


Its working on Myself, letting Go…

so it obviously works!

This is from An Amazing Man who has worked on himself and continues to do so…



It’s amazing how empowering it is to let the pain of the past go,

forgive the people that have hurt you, and replace the pain…

…with power, love, peace, and a new decision.

The truth is, I’ve had an amazing life.

And in that…

I’ve had powerful times.

I’ve had painful times.

I’ve had inspirational times.

I’ve had times where I felt desperate.

I’ve had times when I’ve seen magic.

I’ve had times when I exploded in Anger.

I’ve had times of extraordinary peace.

Lately, I’ve been systematically going through my past, and changing the way

I see the pain, and bringing love, power, and peace into those memories –

watching them unfold in a new way.

At the event, I had over HUNDREDS of people tell me things like…

“David… you look so peaceful”

“I’ve never seen you so calm”

“You look… so… different”

“What’s changed about you?”

“Your energy is so peaceful – it looks like a weight on your shoulders is… gone”

And the truth is:

My anger is gone.


Most of my pain is gone. (still working on that one)

I’ve looked at the desperation of the past in a new way.

And it’s amazing how different I’m seeing things – by deciding to look at the past in a new way.

And the truth?

My life is awesome.

I had a good life before.

I already have spent thousands of hours working on myself over the years –

and I always find something new.

Sometimes, I see people who have had unbelievable torment in their life.

People they need to forgive, but won’t.

Anger they’ve had, and won’t let go of.

People who have betrayed them, and they still hold on to the pain –

and it’s not that they can’t let go – it’s that they refuse.

My Mom set an example for me.

When we had shit go down in the family – my Mom was like the eye at the center of a Tornado –

peaceful in the midst of disaster, always choosing to forgive, to love, to serve.

My Dad was a judge in Fairbanks, Alaska.

One day, he was doing a murder trial. A man had shot another man’s son, after beating him to a bloody pulp.

The Father of the dead child showed up into court to testify.

As the prisoner was going to jail, handcuffed, the Father walked up to him with tears running down his cheeks, and he said the most powerful thing a man can say:

I forgive you.”

And he gave him a hug, crying.

The same man that killed his son.

Anger serves no purpose.

Pain in the past that is not forgiven can project itself onto the future.

But love and forgiveness are more powerful.

What can you do?

Look those who have hurt you in the eye – or if they aren’t around, maybe a photo.

You can say:

“I forgive you… I release you…

and I bless you.

I set you free.

I thank you for what I have learned from you. Thank you.”

Everything that you go through has a purpose.

And it’s ok.

It’s time to let it go.

My life is amazing, and taking the time to forgive the past has been transformational for me anyways.

What can it do for you?


...I’m not even 20% done yet 🙂

That makes me REALLY excited for how beautiful the future can be.

Love you.

Isn’t that amazing… so how do you  do this? I can’t believe its that simple…

It Can be..  As I say Im in the process of this right now….

So how can You do this…

I have blogged about this recently… 

Go Check out my other Posts..on my blog…

On Havening, Faster EFT…  the list goes on, Morning Pages.. this blog is still a WIP.. however they are all here..


They All work, I’ve tried and tested them and

I can just feel the ‘weights’ coming off my shoulders


as I say this is something I”ve been working on… so I know how powerful it can be..


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  1. A powerful post Helen and yes we need to forgive to be happy. Forgiveness is very powerful. I loved reading the words from Dave Wood so thanks for sharing them with us. Holding onto any toxic emotion only harms us in the end. I love your posts Helen.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Sue – appreciate you saying that… 🙂 I just loved his words – had to share 🙂

  2. We can not move forward without forgiveness. And forgiving ourselves may be the most powerful form of forgiveness. Let go and let God! Thank you Helen…Powerful message.

  3. It truly is the case that more than anything else we need to ‘work on ourselves’ in order to be more valuable to others. Another wonderful post Helen, thank you. 🙂

  4. A very powerful and personal post. As bloggers who write about our own life, we put it out there and sometimes it clears the air. It helps us to breath better and hopefully clears the path for others. As we reflect on our past then post it releases and repairs the soul.

  5. Forgiveness is the most effective attribute to have in my opinion. The greatest rivals to combat against stress,hate and many other destructive and negative vibrations we encounter on a daily basis.
    Great post Helen

  6. Hanging on to negativity from the past serves only to pull us down. In traveling through life, I have noted that many people cling to the past — many with resentments and hateful thoughts. Those people tend to stay there and wallow in the negativity. Not a place I want to be. Excellent point you make in this post, Helen.

  7. Vixian Powell says:

    Love your message Helen. Forgiving. Forgiveness. This frees us up to really live. Letting go is a great way to move forward. Thank you for such a great post.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Vixian.. really appreciate your message and always love your name.. so unusual 🙂

  8. Love this post Helen!

    I remember reading the post you shared from David Wood, where he told that story about the father walking up to the man had killed his son and saying, “I forgive you.”

    It’s taken me awhile to be able to forgive certain people in my life, but as I move forward and spread that forgiveness more and more as time goes on, it really is a freeing and rewarding feeling for me. It’s not about those who have hurt us, it’s about freeing ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post, I always enjoy your work. “Just like a house, our hearts and our heads accumulate so much ‘sh*t’ over the years…” thanks for giving us the tools to help clear it out 🙂


    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Kristine- like you I take my hat off to people who can forgive so easily – however they are the Ones who really do have it 😉 as you say the ones we don’t forgive don’t suffer (well not that we know) its We that suffer, thank you Kristine