The Science Of Love | The Power Of Love | How the Law of Attraction works Best

 I wrote this last year – thought it was good to share again…


… Enjoy

Firstly – Yes I’ve been quiet – I’ve just completed a 90 day blogging marathon


…… I hope I managed to do it justice…


It wasn’t just about blogging every day –


it was about Sharing Good content – so I really hope I managed it in a good way – Scratch that 🙂

In a Fantastic Way – A Be Deliciously Abundant Way..


Oh and in that time – I also set up this new Blog Be Deliciously Abundant, which is one of my passions…


Showing YOU how to achieve your goals with the Law of Attraction.


Oh and I also managed to get a blog noticed by Lilou Mace – wow – how cool was that…heres that one..


Anyway onto Subject here.. The Science Of Love,  The Power Of Love  and How the Law of Attraction works Best – sooooo passionate about this….


You know – the world WILL be – as I do believe we will achieve it one day


The World will be so much happier..

when we can Love each other….regardless of anything else...


Ever since reading the The Secret, back in 2006, I have been a ardent follower of Rhonda Byrne, 

I’ve read just about all her books …Hero, The Magic etc.. the list goes on !!

Well this weekend I have been listening to the Power.

I can’t recommend it enough and of Course Its All About Love...


Its about how the Law of Attraction and BeDeliciously Abundant is Absolutely about love



So whats this all About?  The Science Of Love  The Power Of Love


Ps do you like the new name? anyway thats another blog 🙂 

Yes  – Love, Love Love… the Science of Love – Showing Everyone Love…


Loving Yourself... – which I discovered a while back  is the Start Of It all….

Helen Lingard

After all – Seriously – how can you love others, love the world, unless we love ourselves…


The Power – is  one of those books – that just sees your confidence sour,

it inspires, It motivates.. suffice to say – its a Book you Just Have to read…

So lets talk about this blog… The Science of Love – The Power of Love and How the Law of Attraction works best..

Lets  watch this amazing Video…

The Science of Love – The Power of Compliments



So there you go – do you think people who can’t accept a compliment Love themselves?

Uh Oh…. No – its so  self effacing comment

‘I don’t deserve that compliment? ‘Do I???’..Yes Of Course You Do !!


I have learnt – in my journey – to accept a compliment.. to Accept a gift…

(a compliment is like a gift isn’t it?)


and also when someone gives me a gift, or a compliment, I just say ‘Thank you so much’…


Oh and Ps – Never return a compliment in the same breath, save it for another time…

 How the Law of Attraction works Best


Then there is this one…

 The Benjamin Franklin Effect – The Science of Love

 Don’t they just make your heart melt… sigh…. 


So there you go…..

We Really Need to Share More Love….

Didn’t that make you smile?


Now -Off you Go and  do something Nice for both YOURSELF….






Want More Ideas about others?? then check this blog go…


Now Go and Share Love today…and Be Deliciously Abundant in the process 🙂


Oh Before You Go…. 

As You can Probably Tell – I have  Passion 

Do You Have A Passion  You want to

Share with the World


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  1. Love is extremely powerful and helps release good chemicals in one’s body!

  2. I used to be too shy when people give me complements. Then, I realized that I shouldn’t be shy because I deserve it.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      me too Julie – sometimes I still have to remind myself to just say ‘thank you ‘ 😉

  3. Awesome post on the law of attraction Helen!! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thank you Helen for sharing those awesome videos. Pretty nice that i was thinking about getting the other books by Rhonda today and i found them at the most unlikely place and here i am reading about them in your blog post. Law of attraction at work

  5. Very powerful. Thank you for sharing. Love of yourself is one of the steps to happiness.

  6. All we need is ‘love’. Lennon said it best. Or at least sang it! Great and Powerful post! No thing is more powerful than love. Thank you Helen.

  7. i always believe that love is the answer. great post helen.

  8. Love is certainly a powerful human factor. And I know that when we can love ourselves first is when we have the ability to love others in a purposeful way. Thanks Helen for sharing your incredible insight on the power of the love!

  9. I love your whole energy with this piece Helen.

    It is light, happy and deliciously abundant…LOL

    Love that phrase…deliciously abundant!!!!!

    love saying it

    love thinking it
    love the whole thing


  10. I absolutely love this post, Helen:)

    I am learning more and more about the Law of Attraction all the time, and it still intrigues and inspires me every day!

    I am also learning that the best way to attract all that we want, is to believe in ourselves, believe we are worthy, and believe in the power of love, especially loving ourselves.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I am always learning!


    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absoluletey is Kristine.. loving ourselves first and everything else falls into place 🙂