The Secret to Attracting Love To You | Is There a Secret to Attracting Love?

The Secret to Attracting Love To You – Is there a Secret to Attracting Love?

I have started to do Facebook Lives’ and I have to say I love them….

I did this one yesterday which proved to be popular…The Secret to Attracting Love… is there a Secret to Attracting Love? 

It was inspired by seeing a friend post on Facebook about wanting

someone else to be Proud of them…

I’ve been there, so I had to share this video….





There is One Person who needs  to be Proud/Fall In Love with you….


Do you know who it is?



  Is there a Secret to Attracting Love?


Seriously – it took me Sooo long to Accept AND Love myself…

I did another video today – and had to laugh…

I looked at myself in the mirror before hand and thought ‘OK I look pretty good’…

Hilarious – when I saw myself on the Live Facebook – I did not think the same lol…

Remember Everything You want and Desire is ALL inside You …

Know that you are Amazing..oh and here is the mirror work and some gems from Louise Hay

 Just the way you are..

and the video here from Les Brown

…so there you go the Secret to Attracting Love you, Is it a Secret?

I am Absolutely Passionate about Helping YOU achieve your goals…

be the Best Version of yourself

using the Law of Attraction, Aka Love

Hope you enjoyed this …did you relate? then leave me your comments…



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  1. Great message Helen…self acceptance is paramount! If we can’t love ourselves (just the way we are), then who can?

  2. Gosh I so resonate with this message. If you can’t love yourself first … how can anyone else?

    Fabulous message Helen!

  3. Love this Helen. I agree self acceptance and learning to love oneself is so important if you want to attract love into your life. And I love to watch your live videos, I don’t always catch them live but make an effort to watch the replays. You always share such wonderful information about the law of attraction that I resonate with so much. Thank you <3

  4. Helen great post and video. Self love and personal development should be the start of every one’s day. If more people listened to positive motivational video messages the world would be in a better place.

  5. Love your video Helen (and your hair). If we do not love ourselves as Erica said we cannot love anyone else. I also agree how we start our day is so important. Great message as always Helen.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thanks Sue.. appreciate you – I know as I have fallen in love with myself (still a WIP ) things get better 🙂

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Sue.. appreciate your comments 🙂 Absolutely Loving ourselves is the answer 🙂

  6. Yes — mirror work is very helpful. What you say is so true, Helen, about loving and approving of yourself. Otherwise, as you say, we’re looking to others for approval which leads to spending our time trying to make others like us. Unconditional love for ourselves!! Magnificent message.