There is No Heavy Lifting | Just Relax Receive and BeDeliciously Abundant

There is No Heavy Lifting –  Just Relax Receive and BeDeliciously Abundant

Would’t it be Wonderful to have Absolute Faith that Everything You Ever Wanted

…. is On Its Way To You?


…..Well It Is – We Just Need to Relax , Receive and BeDeliouslyAbundant – There is No Heavy Lifting Required

Just as You Know


….The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow


Just As You Know The Sun Will Set Tonight

.. As You Know your Next Breath Will Come…

…. Your Legs Will Take You The Next Step..

….As You Know – You Will Have Food In Your Belly When You Are Hungry

Get The Jist 🙂 Amazing isn’t it…
That Everything You Ever Desire Can and Will Come To you…

There is Not Anything You Cannot Be Do and Have….

There is No Heavy Lifting


… don’t you Just Smile when You think of Those Things You Know With Certainty 🙂


Feels Good Huh 🙂

I know from my own Personal Experience…


.. When I just Relaxed… and Detached…

.. Its Amazing what we are able to Manifest….


My House….
My travel….
Losing Jobs (yes I told my agency – Im not sure I want this Job,

….2 hours later.. the role was axed ,and No my agency were as surprised as I was).

I came across these guys – Several years ago…


… I admit it took  me a while to ‘get them’….


however when i did…


Just Relax Receive and BeDeliciously Abundant


So there You Go…..

And Theres More… I Just cannot get enough of Abraham Can you?




Do You See A Theme Here?

Relax – Relax Relax….And Relax Receive and BeDeliciouslyAbundant

Have Absolute Faith

I always remember something  that Both  Abraham Say and Pam Grout Told me Personally

(Yes back when she WAS answering Her emails – she responded to me )

Life Is Supposed to be Fun – Have Fun With the Universe’


Read Pam Grouts Books – E Squared AND Thank and Grow Rich – they are Both Amazing Books


and The Last One…
This is Something We All Struggle with So Often…
Even when We Have Manifested things…  This 5 Letter word Creeps In…


There is No Heavy Lifting – Remove the Doubt


I really hope you enjoyed these Amazing Videos…

I admit it Took Me a while to get “Abraham Hicks’…However once you Do..

OMG its So Amazing…

and Just One More…


Remember Whatever You Are Looking For You Will Find…

So Look for The Goodness…

Expect the Goodness


With Love – Always Here for You…



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There Is Not Heavy Lifting


  1. I am learning so much from Abraham and Esther lately.

    Great shares here Helen, loved it! Thank You.

  2. Luv it Helen.
    Luv Abraham Hicks…just started to watch her.
    Thank u for introducing me to her videos.
    Blessings doll

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Oh I know – they are amazing 🙂 somewhere I go if Im out of sync 🙂 and otherwise 🙂

  3. Hi Helen, I have been sitting here listening to these talks today. I am really enjoying the work of Esther and Abraham and I think my mind id now opening up to their teachings more and more right now. These talks have been clearing a few things in my head, particularly about getting out of your own way. Working out what beliefs are causing resistance.