Unblock your Flow With Havening | Let the Abundance In with Havening


If you read my blog – you will know that I have been going through some Absolutely amazing ‘letting go/unblocking’ techniques…

Things I hasten to add, I have experienced myself…and Boy are these things incredible… Faster EFT… blows my mind… then the simplicity of the Chakras..and now Havening – wow – who knew helping ourselves could be sooo easy !! 

We are Supposed to be Abundance, Everything that we want, Wants Us – We get in the way 🙁




Last week I shared with you – How Faster EFT works in Amazing ways.. Here..How to Increase The Abundance Flow with these Simple Techniques


I also shared how you can Clear your Chakras…


I had a session with an amazing lady – Lizzie, who did both Faster EFT with me and also shared this Amazing technique with me….Havening – wow… 

 Let the Abundance In with Havening

 Paul McKenna, shares this amazing technique here…


Hope you enjoyed learning about Havening, and I hope you did the exercise


isn’t it incredible!!  and I hope you feel Really good now…


I know I do – Everytime I do it  🙂 and btw you can find out more about Havening right here


I just find it amazing how simple these strategies are, if you enjoyed this.. Unblock your Flow With Havening  Let the Abundance In with Havening.. then please leave me your comment and come connect with me…

You can do this alone – or you can contact someone like Lizzie – who is Just lovely who will go through the process with you….

you know have an alternative to taking drugs –  Faster EFT and Havening I know which I prefer…

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Your Passions and Achieve Freedom..

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  1. I always learn something new when I come to your blog Helen … until now I had never heard of “Havening”. Thank you for all that you share … it’s a pure delight to read your work!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Erica – Appreciate You saying that 🙂 Havening was new to me too until a week or so ago 🙂

  2. What a truly great blog Helen, haha I thoroughly enjoyed veiwing the Paul Mckenna vid..I can truly resonate with the havening technique. Awesome!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thanks David.. apprecaite you – Love the Havening as well as the Faster EFT 🙂

  3. Wow Helen. Another amazing technique. That really lifts the body energies.Thank you for all the learning you are doing and then passing onto others. My head is feeling quite light after running through that exercise.

  4. I feel giddy. Something sure did happen while doing that exercise above. Thank you for sharing Helen!

  5. Wow Helen, this is amazing!

    I am really enjoying the new techniques you are learning and sharing, first the Faster EFT and now the havening.

    I had not heard of either before reading about them on your blog, so thank you!

    Looking forward to much more transformation, thank you Helen!


    • Helen Lingard says:

      hey are amazing Kristine – Please let me know if you would like to Join the Happy Faster EFT Journal group 🙂