Welcome To Be Deliciously Abundant – So Who Am I

Welcome to  Be Deliciously Abundant – So Who Am I

Welcome to BeDeliciously Abundant - So Who Am I

So Who is Helen Lingard and what is Be Delicously Abundant All About?

Well firstly more about me…and then more about Be Deliciously Abundant

I am a Brit/Kiwi….

In that I spent my life up to the age of 28 in the UK

… mainly in South Wales, thats the UK, not New South Wales…

..and then to London.. before leaving for New Zealand almost on a whim

..yes It really was like that…

I met a Kiwi guy whilst living and working in London

 I was a nurse and had plans  to move to Canada to be a Nanny, in fact

… I virtually had a job all sorted, with holidays in Florida

... however that went out the window.. when my Kiwi boyfriend was told, he could no longer stay in the UK…

What I can I say – I was in love by then (very quickly)

….so I just said “OK Ill come with you’…

and the rest is history…..plus I have been back and fore.. hence ‘brit/kiwi’ 🙂

You can read more about me here…

Fast forward some 20 + years later…

I am a single mum to two beautiful grown up ‘babies’ who have both left the nest…

I am Immensely proud of both of them  – My daughter who loves (as I do)  

and works with animals  and my son who is passionate about sport,

mainly football and travel (like his mum)…however they both live back in New Zealand

– I am currently in the UK with my mother…

Welcome to BeDeliciously Abundant - So Who Am I

So why Be Deliciously Abundant… because I know we All Deserve to be and Absolutely Can Be…

Unfortunately We get in the way – with our thoughts…

our worries and Focussing on the wrong things..

Several years ago, I watched the Secret, I read the book first..

well in fact I DEVOURED the book..and then got the film and I was hooked…

I hadn’t realised how much I had already manifested…

Moving to New Zealand… travelling through some of my

most favourite places in the world…






Fiji and then New Zealand


on the way and then going onto have my beautiful children..

all things I wanted….

I chose to Be Deliciously Abundant..

and I want to show you how to be  BeDeliciously Abundant

… becoming the best version of yourselves and achieving the freedom to do whatever you want to do..

 Several years ago – in fact approximately 10 years ago, I manifested

my gorgeous house in New Zealand….  

and I did it ALL on my own too – how scary was that

.. but empowering too !! Boy was it empowering…

I spent 6 months looking for my house… I knew what I wanted… and yet for some reason, I saw soo many houses, that  were just not  suitable…

Then I saw this one…

I remember walking down the driveway..

MY real estate agent pointed out the view…..

I fell in love…

Welcome to BeDeliciously Abundant – So Who Am I

Helen Lingard

I then walked into the house and went from room to room…

…it  brings a smile to my face even now…

…Each room I walked into

I said ‘Yes this is It’…

There was nothing I didn’t like….

Helen Lingard

Then several years ago – after watching The Secret and going through one of the worst times of my life

… – I share that here ..I was inspired to help others

… . I started to Immerse myself in Personal Development… 

I haven’t looked back since…I am now soo happy to be part of this  BeDeliciously Abundant

Transformational Community disguised as a Business,

as our Founder David Wood.. calls it…


My Passions are now – to Help Others become BeDeliciously Abundant…sharing with you, more about the Law of Attraction or even maybe ‘introducing’ you to it… sharing with you various people I love who teach and share their experiences and knowledge on the law of attraction.

I also want to spend more time travelling, the world, inspiring others… to achieve their goals.. through blogging.. Did you know you can share your passions through blogging, help others..and get paid?


So Please enjoy my blog BeDeliciously Abundant, I have had such great fun putting it together… and its still very much a WIP..


And Please come Join Us… and BeDeliciously Abundant... 


With Love


Love to hear your thoughts – did you enjoy? and what would you like to hear more of?

Welcome to BeDeliciously Abundant – So Who Am I


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Welcome to BeDeliciously Abundant - So Who Am I


  1. Anonymous says:
  2. Yay, Helen! What a journey and I LOVE the new blog. Can’t wait to see where life (and this blog) takes you next!

  3. Nice to see your new blog up and running. I have been reading your content on your other blog for ages and i love it! So looking forward to what this blog brings:)

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Morgan.. really appreciate you saying that – this is more Niche driven 🙂

  4. Hooray for Deliciously Abundant! I can feel your energy between the lines of the post. Good for you Helen! This is a winner.

    Thanks for providing the love and value in here.

  5. I love it Helen, It is so You! PD is your strong point. I’m sure you help a lot of people.

  6. Helen I absolutely love the name of your blog, Deliciously Abundant! I can’t wait to see all that you share here, you are such an inspiration!

  7. Oh I love the name of your new blog, Be Deliciously Abundant, it implies something very beautiful and tasty, which this post is. Sharing your story and your vision here for others to read is very empowering and you will inspire many with your amazing attitude and your love for the law of attraction.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Angie.. appreciate you saying that… Be Delicious is Actually one of my favourite perfumes lol.. but BeDeliciously Abundant sounded sooo enticing.. I just had to go with it, thank you darling.. I appreciate you so much 🙂