What Does it Take To Be More Successful | Happier | With Tony Robbins

What Does it Take To Be More Successful – Happier – With Tony Robbins


Yes I know – second post in as many days featuring the wonderful Tony Robbins….

But Hey why not?  he Epitomises Everything there is About the Law of Attraction

.…Happiness, A giver..and a receiver…. 

 So What Does it Take To Be More Successful – Happier – With Tony Robbins

He Gives so what does he Get? He Receives…. 



You know I have always loved this guy… from his infomercial days…

I just saw this HUGE giant of a guy with big white teeth….

The more I see of him, the more I follow him…

And is it a any wonder he is soo successful take a look at this video…

This IS Tony Robbins...


He is Making Such a Diffence in the world..


He Cares….


Focus on what You Have…


be Grateful for What You DO Have…


Be Happy – Expect Life to Go Well.


You Will Get Back Exactly what You Give Out..

Helen Lingard

 What Does it Take To Be More Successful,  Happier – With Tony Robbins


And Yes, Its Perfectly Ok To be Grateful to be You… Accept Your Qualities…

Be Happy.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff..

As yourself How Can I Make Others Happy Today?

How Can I Make ME Happy...

Fall in Love with Life, with others..and It All Comes Together…


Before I go, Let me share something with you…


This photo is very special because I USED to hate Laughing…


my kids would point out how my whole face creases up and I would hate it…


however, since learning to LOVE my laugh


.. because Im happy…

Love looking at my face…

Helen Lingard

I just Love My Smile…

I have become so much happier… 


So Yes Be Happier, Be Grateful For Everything –

even your challenges, your insecurities…

because Life really does get so much better..

Im here to Help You… 

If you are struggling, please touch base with me on Facebook...


I am Passionate About

Empowering People with

Law of Attraction Mindset and MY Story..

If you have a passion that you want to turn into

an online business …

… I can show you how we are Doing it..

Everyone has a story to tell,

a passion they love.

And there are People Out There

Who Need To Hear Your Story

Come Join Us…




Helen Lingard


  1. This is my most favorite pic of you … and I do love a lot of them … but this is my most favorite!

  2. The law of attraction either works for us or against us. We need to make a conscious effort to make it work for us and attract the things that we want.
    Awesome share Helen.

  3. Kim Williams says:

    Too many people don’t even take the time to think about these things…..they wonder no-one wants to be their friend, why they are always lonely…..and continue to complain……maybe it’s time to turn a 180 and realise that you get what you give in life!! Thanks for a great post – love TR!!

  4. Daphne Dobson says:

    Thanks for another great post about Tony Robbins Helen!
    You’re so…right! You just cannot get enough oh him.
    His outlook on life is so positive that he inspires you to
    live life to its fullest. Yes…we gotta appreciate our lives.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a great post — and your pictures just make me happy. Your smile and laughter is contagious — even through a picture!

  6. Great post Helen. LOA can be for you or against you so make sure you are putting the right vibes out there 🙂

  7. Found great value in this post. Beautiful images too! 🙂