Whats Stopping Me Attracting Abundance | Releasing Toxic Emotions

Whats Stopping Me Attracting Abundance –  Releasing Toxic Emotions


Do you ever wonder you  are not attracting the things you  want…

‘Im doing everything right’….????


Well very often we are holding onto Limiting beliefs, or perhaps ‘stuff” that we Really need to let go of…


We All hold onto bad feeling – I defy anyone to say –


“I’ve got nothing, Im fine……’… well Im not one of those…!!


Whether its those bullies

Something Your Friend said or did..

Something An Ex said or did..

Yes All coming to You Now…. isn’t it  

I know – It happened to me too !!


Like ‘most people’ I do have – some unresolved issues…maybe you do too and this could answer that question…..Whats Stopping Me Attracting Abundance  Releasing Toxic Emotions


I got these ‘releasing techniques’… from various people – including Louise Hays….The Power is Within You



Stand in Front of A MirrorEnsure You are in Private – You don’t want Anyone to hear what you say

Talk to them in a mirror….,and yes sorry couldn’t resist this gorgeous baby


(and actually thats another exercise, for another day… watch this space..)

Whats Stopping Me Attracting Abundance?   Releasing Toxic Emotions

Whats Stopping Me Attracting Abundance -  Releasing Toxic Emotions


Ensure you won’t be disturbed and go and look at yourself in the mirror… 


As you look at yourself in the mirror – imagine the person is in front of you..


Tell them exactly how you feel – 

I found – whilst doing this – I used my hands to really demonstrate how I felt…

You can shake your finger if that helps ….


I actually found this hilarious and also, I was so mad with some of them

I was lost for words at times, but soon found them again !!


I would speak to one, and then have them all come one by one – a bit like an interview…


And I released My wrath !!


Then Tell them and yourself – that you forgive them and send them love and let them go….


Spend some time with A Pillow


Helen Lingard

Chose a pillow and once again, some private time… pummel it whilst you say or shout your rage at whoever it is…

This can take as long as you need – just Get ALL that Rage out…



Ask them to take a seat in front of you…


Click on my image and watch the video to hear more about these strategies…


Whats Stopping Me Attracting Abundance  Releasing Toxic Emotions


Invite your ‘friend/ex friend/relative’ to sit down opposite you..

Ask them if you can  talk to them and wait for them to say

‘Yes’ sure.. doesn’t matter how they acknowledge, some of my ‘people’ are

actually not fussed but even if they say


‘its entirely up to you’


thats a Green light…for me… I’ve had no one run away ….yet 🙂


So tell them exactly how you feel – everything thats on your mind…

‘ I feel so mad at you for what you did ……

When you have finished ‘releasing’ … you can then Forgive Them….


Remember Forgiveness is About YOU – not necessarily them…


Remember the only person you hurt by holding onto ‘stuff’ is YOU

‘I forgive you, I don’t necessarily condone what you did, it hurt me etc..


however it does me no good to hold onto this, so Im letting it go’….

You can then – ask them for forgiveness….. 

Finally you can give them something – A blessing, Love..

Give them an Imaginery card, some flowers.. send them love – whatever works for you..

or a gift of your own chosing..a hug.. whatever you feel is appropriate…..

Write Your Letter to the Person…

Helen Lingard
Dear X… I am so angry at you for doing X… and get ALL your feelings out on paper…


what you do with this – is up to you – you can Burn it – you can destroy it..


Other ways you can do this  – are to go out in your car (alone)

 and spend that time talking or shouting (whatever works for you)

or even out in the country where no one is….

I found going to the beach and talking to them helped me…


Helen Lingard

its A Place of Peace for me – so felt very relaxing

I have done this exercise a few times…


One evening I did it and it wasn’t until the next morning, that I actually felt A Huge Release….


Remember when you are holding onto Toxic thoughts about someone –

you are putting a barrier between yourself and your abundance… its like a block in your way..


And Lastly but One of the best ways from experience is Tapping… here is One of my favouriites…

This is about Forgiveness but Search for whatever you are working on…

I”ve done Tapping on and off for years – and the release can just be incredible…



So there you go, click on the image to watch the video



Kick that Stuff, that Sh*t To the Curb and start to let the Goodness Fly in

The Abundance…

Honestly – when you let go of ‘stuff’ – I’ve personally found it so liberating 

I hope this has helped you….





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Whilst Following your Passion and Helping Others…

Come Join me..

For more information on these check out Louise Hay – You have the Power Within You..

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Helen Lingard



  1. Thanks Helen, its taken me many years to action this helpful theory..only regret is not taking action a whole lot sooner,

  2. I have to agree with you Helen, releasing toxic emotions is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself to move forward and receive abundance. Holding onto toxic emotions is not healthy … at all.

    Great tips on ways to release them!

    I LOVE the mirror exercise!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Yes these are very powerful – and yes love the mirror one – thanks Erica 🙂

  3. Love this post and your video. There is Great Power in ‘Forgiveness’. My wife’s sister in law was having a terrible time with her husband and kids. One day my wife told her to go out on her terrace (by herself) and talk to her husband and her children regarding what was really bothering her. She actually let them have it (not for real but in her mind). Low and behold…her main issue with her family dissolved. When we go around ‘harboring’ negativity or even hate towards others (or ourselves) we suffer more than anyone and this can hold us in limbo for years or until death or until another lifetime. Keeping negative emotions ‘locked’ inside us is like taking poison ourselves. Thanks for the powerful message Helen!

  4. I have used the pillow exercise Helen, which was just recently as I’m going through some things that my poor pillow took a beating about! I like the other release exercises and will give them a try as well. Always appreciate you sharing such helpful information, thank you!

  5. One of the most rewarding attributes we will ever have as human beings is the ability to forgive. I posted up something from the words of Dale Carnegie which truly resinates with all thats mentioned above..forgive seventy times seven, that way you can escape alot of todays modern stress illnesses, high blood pressures, stomach ulcers, and many other ailments.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      So agree with your comment David and Ressie – thanks for being you… we are so much happier and healthier when we let it all go