Whats The One Thing that Is Stopping You Manifesting – Why do You Care?

Whats The One Thing that Is Stopping You Manifesting – Why do You Care?

Something happened to me yesterday,   I realised something…..


……I had been hiding…


….and thats what was stopping me…. 

Whats The One Thing that Is Stopping You Manifesting Why do You Care?


I have had this conversation so often with people..


Helen Lingard

and I had it with MYSELF not so long ago….

So I totally Get Where you are Coming from…

I always share from my heart.. from my own experiences……

I can’t do it any other way…. so Once again I share from my heart here


Watch the video – click on my image


Whats The One Thing that Is Stopping You Manifesting – Why do You Care?

Get Over Yourself


So if any of the above applies to you…..


as I say its None of Your Business, what people think of you…


What Does matter is What YOU Think of what you are doing – What you are Sharing..


You Have Two different facebook pages –

because you don’t Your family and friends to see what you are doing…?

And Yes I did too.. so I totally get it..


I interviewed Lisa  Grossman   (excuse me, I still laugh at me in this video) 

a few years ago and as she said


‘If you truly love what you are doing,

Your family and Friends WILL be the first people you want to tell’...


Absolutely – Yes  however we tend to use the ‘Attraction Marketing’ method, because at the end of the day – Not Everyone wants what you are ‘sharing’ .. its just people Like You – Who Will relate 🙂

However, if You Do Love what you are doing 

Believe in What You are Doing..

Why Are Not Not Sharing Your Value?, Your Business with the world?

No, Your Family and Friends may not be Interested –

But thats No Reason to Not Be True To YOURSELF??


 So Whats The One Thing that Is Stopping You Manifesting – Why do You Care?


You Simply Must Fall In LOVE what you are doing –


Otherwise you are out of Alignmen


You are sending a message to The Universe aka The Law of Attraction


that ‘Im not totally happy with what Im doing’… 


And thus –

You won’t attract people or anything to you – because you sending mixed messages


For me personally – If I feel ‘spammy’ about my business/My life –


then there is something ‘INCONGRUENT’ with what I’m doing…


I knew I was following my passions,

But there was ‘something’ that I didn’t feel comfortable about..


So I needed to ask myself some questions ‘what was I hiding from?


Why Was I hiding?


Why did I care about what others thought? Was I happy about what I was doing?

I heard about Positive Empowering questions 


and I started to ask myself those questions….. 


Watch out for my blog coming tomorrow, on this very subject…


Remember – Stop Worry about what others think of you 

Share Your Value with Pride… 

Care About People…



Fall In Love with what you are doing…Or Get out and find something You Do love 🙂


Come Join us...


Are You Passionate about Helping People?

Are you Passionate about Having Freedom

Making A difference?

Come Join us And help others and

as Zig Ziglar said 

when you help ENough people get what they

want, you get what you want..

Come Join Us



Helen Lingard


  1. Oh we certainly do let our inner voice stop us from manifesting what we want in our lives. Being authentic true self can be scary for many of us. It took me a while when I first got started in my online business almost 4 years ago, that I really did have a story and that there are other people that can relate to who I am and not trying to be someone else. Always providing great messages and value Helen, thanks for sharing!

  2. Obviously, your are following your heart Helen, and expanding. And what a great lesson you learned for yourself recently about being visible. I too first saw Lisa Grossman a while back with the Beesleys. And then I’ve seen her lately — another interesting person. Thank you for the share.

  3. The only person who you should you should care about regarding what they think about you is…YOU. Great Post Helen! Love it!

  4. So Love your message today!! You are the only one you have to please, we so have to stop wasting our time on something that has nothing to do with us … and we would get a whole lot more done!!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thank you Elizabeth.. btw love that photo of you – its so empowering when we can get through this 🙂

  5. yes its ok to stand out. thanks helen

  6. Helen I think we all have an inner voice that holds us back at first. But when you come to grips with not caring what other people think, then we truly are reborn. It is a very freeing experience. I am still working on it.