Whats Wrong With Me? | Why Your Mind Is Not Your Friend | with Therese Skelly

Whats Wrong With Me –  Why Your Mind Is Not Your Friend – with Therese Skelly


Im sure, Like me you have said this to yourself – at some stage in your life, whether thats been after ‘yet’ Another relationship ended, or you got rejected yet again – for a job, by a man – some friends – Yes I know we’ve ALL been there

Thats why  I could so relate to this ‘Whats Wrong with me, Why Your Mind is Not Your friend’… and I know you will too


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We had such people as William Wood – Who is the Head Coach and the Second person  to recommend Faster EFT to me.. which, I have just had HUGE breakthroughs with you can read more about that here…


 We also had

Ray Higdon, has some great gems to share – watch out for that blog coming soon…



Farzana Jaffer Jeraj – shared about having fun in whatever you do and asking yourself

‘do I have value to share’.. again more on this in another blog….

Embrace Your Mistakes…


Love is the Higest Form Of Vibration Gratitude [tweet_box design=”default”][/tweet_box]- Farzana Jaffer Jeraj


We Had So many great people – however the person I want to share with you today is 

Therese Skelly – who shared among other things

 Therese has a great energy about her – I really resonated with her – she reminded me of myself   🙂 

Whats Wrong With Me –  Why Your Mind Is Not Your Friend – with Therese Skelly


Your Mind is Not Your Friend‘..Therese Skelly[tweet_box design=”default”][/tweet_box]

‘whats wrong with me’ and Know….. 


There is Nothing wrong with you…


There is just Something you don’t know.. or perhaps you have  – which we ALL have.. read more here…how to increase the abundance flow with these two simple strategies


and btw You Absolutely Are Good Enough.– even your subsconcious tells you


‘ Your not good enough’


Click on my video below…and find out How to turn it around…


Whats Wrong With Me –  Why Your Mind Is Not Your Friend – with Therese Skelly


Your Mind

As I say in my video…

We have to Turn around the questions we ask ourselves…see this blog what sort of questions are you asking for more…

‘[tweet_box design=”default”]Why am I so Amazing’…Helen Lingard[/tweet_box]

‘Why is it so easy to Attract X – (fill in the blanks)

Great huh 🙂 Its ALL in our Minds, we are More Powerful than we Know..

We are Meant To be Abundant.. Everything You Want, Wants You _ You Just get in your own way…

So next time you ask yourself ‘Whats Wrong with me‘.. remember Your mind is Not Your Friend and kick it to the kerb and ask 

Whats Right With me.. 🙂 and Once you turn your mind around – boy you will be Amazed at what you start attracting – remember Everything you WANT wants You 🙂 

and btw – Therese Shares Many Many more gems… to find out what she shared come join us…


I am Passionate about Helping You Achieve your goals,

Pursue your Passion ,Work with the Law of Attraction

to Bring You Your Hearts Desire.. 

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  1. That was one of my absolute favorite parts to the webcast, was when Therese said, “Your mind is not your friend,” and then snuffed out the mind chatter when it came up.

    So many golden nuggets from that training!

    I am so excited about what is coming, and about my future…and I am grateful to be on this journey with so many amazing people (including you, Helen).

    Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Kenna Faber says:

    Therese was on the money with that statement about “Your mind is not your friend”. All the chatter we all hear at times… Such golden nuggets last Saturday from all the speakers

  3. Indeed, “Everything you WANT wants You.” Your post is so empowering! I learned a lot of lessons from it. Thank you!

  4. I must admit that of all of the speakers that came out that weekend, Therese Skelly’s words left the deepest impact of all.

    I have always been a firm believer that every single one of us has a unique gift, a unique talent, a unique voice … and that for every gift, talent and voice … there is a unique audience.

    You have found your unique calling Helen … and it fits you like a glove!

    Hugs & Love!

  5. Re-framing the question is the key. What the mind believes, it can achieve. If you believe you can, you are right. If you believe you won’t, you are still right.

  6. For the longest time, it was so hard to think positive about myself. Still have issues from time to time, but it is a work in progress. Reading positive reaffirming blog posts like this one is always a positive mind-expanding thing to do…thank you for sharing this

  7. We can not listen to our mind because it (the lower one and the main one that we identify with about 99% of the time is not us). This voice may sound like us but it isn’t. It isn’t God talking to us either. It’s more of a ‘broadcast’ that’s meant to keep us small and separate. Thanks for the reminder Helen.

  8. You always share the most relevant and inspiring content, Helen. Thank you — for reminding people that we are enough and the ways we can improve our mind and how we think!

  9. I used to think like this alot, the power of the mind can truly do wanders to anything you put your mind to. Thanks Helen.

  10. Absolutely!! We are so much more powerful than we’ll ever know. And the moment you begin to believe it the magic starts happening.

  11. I think this statement you said is a he most powerful …
    ” Everything You Want, Wants You _ You Just get in your own way…”

  12. AWESOME sauce! Helen
    I love your video….
    Fabulous post