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When did you last write a Love Letter to yourself?

… to a Friend?

… even to money

… I bet you can’t remember huh?

Money is your Friend right?

Ha ha,  I hear  you laugh… I used to too, no more however 🙂

I recently ‘met’ Jen Sincero (oh Yes I met her)… she is Just amazing… I cannot recommend her books strongly enough…

In order to bring money joyfully into our lives, we have to understand that we’re having a relationship with it, and then treat it like any other important and meaningful relationship:
we need to pay attention to it,
want it, nurture it,
put effort into it,
respect it,
cherish it,
love it, etc.  Jen Sincero


So Why Would I Write a Love Letter To Money



Just like when we fall out with a friend, we are left angry and hurt

… we’d want forgiveness, we’d want to make up and Do whatever we could to mend that relationship? Yes?


This applies even to money 🙂


Thats just what you need to do with money


I found this blog, and this inspired me to share this love letter to money…

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so your letter can run something like this…

Dear Money

I would like to thank you for All the things you have done for me…


… You helped me buy my gorgeous house, which I just love

you have always been there for me, and I know I haven’t always appreciated that, for which I am truly sorry.

Seriously, I am.. I know, once upon a time, I REALLY looked after you.. I always had you there ready for that holiday to Europe, or to buy that amazing little sports car !! Do you remember that !! OMG we had such fun in that thing…..

Then… I went through a time when I was influenced by other people, and I wasn’t always kind to you – Im so sorry for that (you seriously will not know how much Im sorry about that)… however I hope this letter goes some way to show you.

We then got back on track and then you arrived in droves.. and I simply didn’t know how to handle you… I gave you away, loaned you, had fun with you and Boy did we have fun

… and then suddenly you were gone!! Where did you go?  Was it something I said? Did? oh yes I know what I did…

we both know what I did – I didn’t value you, respect you…  Gosh What was I thinking???

Anyway here I am, writing this letter, hoping it in some way, makes up for all the mistakes I’ve made with you – the things I’ve said or done to hurt you…. I know You are just like my gorgeous fur baby – you love me unconditionally, better than I love myself sometimes…

… You have been the best friend, a girl could ask for and yet as I say above,  I know I haven’t always treated you that way, for which I truly am sorry, can I say that too much?

I know at times we have a love/hate relationships, and I know some of the best relationships are like that – however I just want you to know that I love you So much more than I sometimes show you….

I promise to love and respect you in future, to never stop appreciating all that you have done for me..

… the great things you provide, for which I am so grateful….

My credit cards

My mortgage

The Gifts I have been given over the years

Have I told you lately – of my exciting plans for us? OMG I have such exciting plans… just like we used to do

I love how we have travelled the world together, how we have enjoyed wonderful food and cocktails….. Oh the Fun we have had… ha ha

We have experienced lovely flights, and you know how we  love flying? the cocktails? the airport lounges, duty free

I love how you have helped me give back to my passions, Dog homes, my children, my mother..  there are so many others, and I know you know what Im talking about..

… Im so grateful to you…

I can’t wait until we  travel  together more and  give back around the world, helping people less fortunate.

I get so excited Just thinking about this and I can’t wait to share it all with you

Thank you so much for being my best friend, my gratitude is never ending

Thank you, much love, Me x

I hope this gives you some idea and yes this is just some of my personal letter to money, maybe some of it resonates with you?

Then Get Writing Now !! 🙂 Remember the More You Love Money, the More Money Loves You.. whatever you put out there, You get Back 🙂


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  1. interesting concept to write a letter to money.

    I’m going to do that later on this evening!

  2. I love this post 🙂 Great tip Helen, Bisous

  3. Wow…. I have to say I have NEVER written a love letter to money. It makes amazing sense though when you know how the Law of Attraction works. Thank you Helen!

    • Helen Lingard says:

      You are so welcome Shaun, I learnt this a while ago – however totally forgot until I was reminded by the blog I saw I included a link to 🙂

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absolutely Shaun 🙂 thank you

  4. Kenna Faber says:

    Great post, Helen.
    Love your letter..wasn’t sure how you would write a love letter to money.
    Our relationships with money and how we think about is so important

    • Helen Lingard says:

      jsut as if your a writing letter to a friend Kenna 🙂 and yes it Absolutely is ::)

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Absolutely Kenna 🙂 We can write so many letters to various aspects of ourselves 🙂

  5. Loved reading this! Definitely going to try it out!