When Did You Last Write A Love Letter To Yourself | Your Younger Self

So when did you last write a love letter to yourself?

Its taken me a ALOT of years to Love myself… Not in a an arragant way…


.. Just accepting and Loving myself ‘as I am’

… after all Im the ONLY ME, Im ever going to get…

I have met many women over the years – who don’t love themselves…

don’t like photos of themselves…

Law of Attraction Starts and Ends with Us Loving Ourselves…

The Energy, You feel For Yourself… surrounds you, You Exude it…

So isn’t It About Time, You wrote that ALL important Love letter…


I loved hearing these stories… scroll down for mine..

Letter To Your Younger Self

A Letter To Your Self – Your Younger Self… (if you like)

So heres mine….

Dear Me, Aka Helen,

I love you so much, and yes its taken me way too long to say that to you…

You have done So well, The things you’ve gotten through through so much

you set your heart on becoming a nurse at the age of 12… you didn’t give up,

you did whatever you could.. and you achieved it !! 🙂

You wanted to learn to drive.. you passed first time, at the age of 17 !!

you have travelled the world…. AND had two gorgeous children…

Aren’t you amazing…

So KNOW that you have done so much both as a single mum and a single woman

You’ve travelled on your own ACROSS the world… do you know how many people Wouldn’t do that???

Remember when you landed in that ‘grotty’ hostel in Melbourne…..

… you survived and got yourself across town to the next place… that whilst not perfect, was Soo much better


Oh How We Laugh when we remember these tails…


You drove yourself up to Manchester, The Peak District… had a flat tyre…

… got lost, in once again ‘dodgey’ areas… and yet you got yourself to where you were supposed to be !!!

You’ve gone through some really sh*tty times, I laugh as I remember them and

yet you’re Still here !! Woo Hoo – Good On You!!

I am Sooo Frickin’ Proud Of you !!

When Did You last Write a Love Letter to yourself

You’ve lost ‘friends’ for doing what you thought was the right thing

… AND btw I still believe it was the Right thing to do….

You haven’t always been good to yourself, however you’re not alone in that, and you know that…

… however these days, with our walks out in nature, and spending time alone (even if other people don’t like it),

your making up for it – Good On You !!

Look how far we’ve come since you were young, OMG

,.. remember the scared little 12/13/14/15.. ha ha yes you get the picture

can’t quite remember when the worm turned, but never too late.

.. You know don’t take shit from anyone.. though you still have some lessons to learn – yes Always learning…

Well I love You – and You Will Get Through This….

Remember its not About Waiting for the Storm to Pass,


Its About Learning to Dance in The Rain

As Cliche as that sounds, its about Asking ‘whats the lesson in this’.. and being grateful, knowing

how much stronger, and wiser you grow with each challenge….


Life is Short… We know That All too Well

… Love hard,


Enjoy Life and Keep Being that Amazing Person You Know You are…

Love Me, Aka Helen – Remember You Got This !! 🙂 x

So Now for the Love letter To YOURSELF…



None of Us Are Perfect…

However you Are Perfectly you !!

And you are Loved.. isn’t It Time You started to Love YOU



Ps: if you knew How long it took me to Love this photo of me… ie Laughing..