When You Realise The Universe Always Has Your Back | What Have You Manifested?

The Universe Always Has Your Back –  What Have You Manifested?

I am Passionate about helping you work with the Universe, the Law of Attraction – to Be Deliciously Abundant… and hence I’m sharing this with you today…

I had a Really great Aha Moment this morning – when  I  realised Just How Much I had Manifested, The Universe Always has your back


How Much The Universe Really was working with me…


Sometimes – we are So fixed on What Hasn’t Manifested




Yet  being the Operative word…Just because it hasn’t appeared ‘yet’ does not mean its not coming…


I know Like I know Like I know..

Lisa Nichols


we Forget to Notice What Has manifested


I totally understand the frustration – I have been there many times….


When is this going to manifest? – I say through clenched teeth…and btw, frustration is getting in your own way… thats a block between you and what you want……


and then I realise ‘Oh I got that and that, I manifested,

and that..and that.. so that must mean…..


the other thing is on its way ‘ OH YAY’


The Universe Always Has Your Back –  What Have You Manifested?

This morning, I was doing some work on one of my projects…and realised


OMG – I asked for this about a  few weeks ago – and here I am working on this very project


I had completely forgotten about…


Last month I asked for a technical person – to help me with some stuff I have


been ‘struggling with’… my own stupid fears… and lo and behold


I now have a great colleague and friend who helps me whenever I need it…


For the last few years – I have wanted to spend more time with my mother in the UK….


The Universe Always Has Your Back –  What Have You Manifested?

Helen Lingard

I moved to New Zealand – over 20 years ago and whilst I have been back and forward,

I haven’t spent any ‘quality time’ with my mother in the UK




I asked for a Technical Guru to help me with my technical issues.. Manifested….


I asked for an Expert for a project Im currently working on – Manifested…


The Universe Always Has Your back...


…..We Just have To trust in the process…


So Put it Out there…


Whatever You want to Manifest…


Write it down…. even record it on your phone and play it throughout the day.. (this is what I do) 


….Forget About it – Knowing that The Universe has your back – Its Taken care Of…


Let Go and Be Open To All the

opportunities coming our way…


Take The lessons from the Challenges…


And Be Grateful for Everything 

 Gratitude day 14


And finally – heres a great video from one of the best Experts in manifestation/law of Attraction

Its About Detaching – Relaxing..and allowing the flow…

Abraham Hicks….


So there ya go, hope you enjoyed The Universe Always Has Your Back –  What Have You Manifested?


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Helen Lingard


  1. Great post Helen, thanks for sharing

  2. The Universe has your back. It is always supporting you one way or another. Thanks for sharing Helen.

  3. This is a great reminder that the universe has your back. Love this Helen because when we reflect on our personal accomplishments and things we do daily, we can find many things that we have manifested and need to be grateful along with setting new intentions and goals. Thanks for sharing!

  4. i always believe that the universe has your back so its important to ask the right things

  5. Kristine Christiansen says:

    I absolutely love this post Helen:)

    When we are trying to manifest something, and it doesn’t come and doesn’t come…it’s delay, not denial.

    The Universe always has your back, I am learning that more and more all the time.

    “We Just have To trust in the process,” was my favorite statement in the whole post I think…thanks for this one!


    • Helen Lingard says:

      one of my favourites too Kristine ‘the Universe has your back’ and ‘everything always works out for me’ Love that one too 🙂

  6. Love your post. LOA really works, last year I received a new car by “thinking” about how much I need and wanted the car. You nailed this in your blogpost

    • Helen Lingard says:

      Thanks Maria, appreciate you leaving your comment and so happy about your car 🙂