Why I Know The Law of Attraction Works | Working With the Law of Attraction

I was introduced to The Law of Attraction many years ago,  the Law of Attraction is working  All the time, whether you work with it ‘purposely’ or not…

So How and Why I know the Law of Attractions works?  working with the Law of Attraction


They say, The Rich get richer and poor get poorer


Why??? because they are working WITH the Law of Attraction…..


Why I Know The Law of Attraction Works – Working With the Law of Attraction

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‘How good do you feel right now? good bad?

you are attracting whatever you are ‘feeling’…

Not Always an easy concept to understand, However its Absolutely right…


 I found The Secret...many years ago…. and realised that I had been manifested things into my life without even realising.. coming to New Zealand… 20 odd years ago…

then several  years ago, I was introduced to  Abraham-Hicks,


Why I Know The Law of Attraction Works – Working With the Law of Attraction


….and  I confess it took me  


‘some’ time to “get’ Abraham-Hicks..but when I did it was like a revelation….


its well worth pushing past the ‘struggle’ they are sooo funny…. 


I have had lots of ‘evidence’ of the Law of Attraction in my own life…



I attracted the house, I’ve lived in now for 11 years !! 



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Helen Lingard


  1. Helen I agree. What ever we focus on happens. Dr. Napoleon Hill got it right long ago. All the modern day motivational speakers just put it together a little differently.

  2. Great post Helen! I’m familiar with Abraham Hicks but will admit I haven’t read or studied his writing. Thanks for sharing this post as well as the link to another post about Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction. I will be looking into this further. Thanks

  3. Very inspiring Helen and as I’m learning more about law of attraction I can see how I attracted into my life early on. Right now I’m reading Ask And It’s Given – Learning To Manifest Your Desires…and learning all about Esther and Jerry Hicks and the relationship of Abraham. Very interesting, and exciting at the same time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight.

  4. this is so true helen, thanks so much

  5. A great post Helen and yes the Law of Attraction works. It took me a while to get that and I kept saying it did not work until I understood the things we do not want in our lives we attracted. I am now way more diligent to paying attention to my thoughts and feelings. Thank you!

  6. great post Helen and I’m a believer for sure on the Law of Attraction thanks for sharing

  7. Demarcus Backstrom says:

    That is Right and law of attraction will always come. you dont know where it come too but it will happen and people will find you and talk you and learn more about you.

  8. Great post! Thank you for the info.