Why The Law of Attraction isn’t Working for You | Where’s My Stuff?


The Law of Attraction is Always working – Literally – good and bad (depends on what you are thinking)...

I know how frustrating it can be – when you have asked for something – you wait and you wait…

just like that preverbial kettle or that journey – and theres no sign????  Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working – Where My Stuff?


yes there can be various reasons why the Law of Attraction is not working for you –

I have covered those, here How to Increase The Abundance Flow and here… How to Open Those Chakras, release those blocks


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This is Yet Another reason


as Abraham-Hicks

 Famously say ‘Wheres My Stuff’..



You don’t plant a plant in the garden
and then keep watching it,
you just water it, check it gets sunshine, everything it needs…
and you leave it alone…

Watch the Video, and Discover…. 


So Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working for You


I love the phrase Abraham Hicks use ‘Wheres My Stuff’…


The Answer is




As Louise Hay shares in her book – You have the Power Within you..

When you go to a restaurant and you order you don’t ‘doubt‘ that your order is on its way…you know its on its way, so you relax and chat and your meal arrives….



So There You Go.. Why The Law Of Attraction isn’t working for you


Here is also the Video I talked about in the video…Brilliant by Steve Harvey… Its so well put..:)

Faith Street – Don’t go moving to Doubt Street…

Well there ya go –  Put it out there to the Universe,

Have Absolutely Faith thats its On Its way,

Take Action – Follow the Signs, Be Open… and Detach 🙂 Knowing Its On its Way 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this blog… and You Know Now….


Why You Aren’t Attracting The “stuff’ You want… The Law of Attraction Is Always working…

I am Absolutely Passionate About Helping you
To Achieve your Goals, Be Deliciously  Abundant…

 Empowering You,

Sharing your Passion and  using the Law of  Attraction
come Join Me..



Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working for You - Wheres My Stuff?

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  1. Ah yes — Doubt. We all have it from time to time, and it is the biggest thief of our potential. We need to accept responsibility for ourselves, our lives, and in so doing we take charge. The buck stops here — with us. No blame, no second-guessing, no doubt. Take charge, make the choices and decisions that have to be made, take the action that needs to be taken, and move on without doubt!

  2. Thank you Helen for sharing this video of Steve Harvey. I always liked him but I like him even more. Powerful words. Just stay on Faith Street and God is going to be delivery those packages. Keep the Faith….

  3. Where’s my stuff? Say it loud and proud. I command my stuff from the universe. Doubt has truly caused me to miss out on things that have been designed for me and rightly mine. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We get our stuff all the time but always the stuff we want. We get what’s going on inside of us whether that is good or bad. Thanks Helen.

  5. Great post Helen. I love the teaching of Abraham Hicks. Practicing detachment from the outcome is a great way to have the LOA work for you positively. Thanks for sharing!

  6. As you say, the LOA is Always working, for everybody, everywhere. It’s when people realize that they are attracting the rubbish in their lives that they can start to make changes in their thoughts and actions.