You Are Badass At Making Money | Never Give Up | Jen Sincero

Achieving your goals is About Never Giving Up…


My Gorgeous welsh Grandma would say to me ‘You’re Determined, you are Helen’… Yes I certainly am

It was Persistence and Determination that gets me achieving things in life…


I remember years ago, I wasn’t feeling very good about myself, a coach said to me

‘What Have You Achieved Helen?

.. when I actually asked myself this – rather than focussing on what I hadn’t achieved  (I flunked school, whilst my sisters did pretty well)

and then PING’ the lightbulb went off – I had achieved Everything I ever wanted….

Passed My Driving Test First Time

Become a Nurse (something I wanted to do since the age of 12)

Travelled the world (my heart is currently in NZ and the UK atm)

Had babies – something I was so shocked I actually achieved…


Two years ago, I packed up everything in my house, put it into storage,

sold or gave away everything, rented my house out

and Relocated to the Uk ‘for a while’…

 not an easy task – Sh*t Scary at times – I can tell you !!

Life is About Never Giving
Life is About Becoming the Best Version of yourself and Attracting All You Desire and Deserve,
Life is About  Being a Badass, At making money…

Why Do I want to Make Money? –

So I can Give Back and Make A HUGE difference, travel the world.. the list goes on…

and as Jen shares, there is Nothing wrong with Making Money

here’s how I got this amazing interview…

…Not taking No For an Answer…

Jen actually shares this in her books, I initially asked about this interview back in January…

….I was asked to do the interview to to fit in with her new book being released,

I agreed, we had a tentative date set up

…then the person I was talking to left…

I had to start from scratch, They tried to put me back to Square One…

.. I argued my case…

… I had to Be Persistent,

I never gave up

.. and today it happened…

Ensure you read her books…You Are a Badass

and You are a Badass at Making Money..

.. they are Two of the best books I’ve ever read

She talks of the human condition, how funny we are,

… how we don’t talk about sex or money and they are both things we all want…

AND want to be good at, however they are ‘taboo’ subjects…

How You Need to Just SLOW DOWN and SHUT UP (Im a WIP) as is Jen apparently..

As I say in the interview, I had her first book on Audio, and she narrates her books,

which is just fantastic (I tell her that too !)

I would lie in bed at night, laughing my head off to what she was saying, its so true !!

Anyway – watch the interview, get her books…

Absolutely Amazing – Thanks Jen Sincero


 You Are Badass At Making Money – Jen Sincero

Love this lady,  I kinda got the impression,  she was kinda over being interviewed,

and not really surprisingly,

this was the end of her tour of Both the US and the UK.. I would have been over it – nonetheless,

shes a gorgeous talented very funny and Boy does she hit the nail on the head in her books

Leave a comment, Get The Book, Come work with me and Join me at being a Badass and Be Deliciously Abundant and Do leave me your comments below about what you thought of..You Are Badass At Making Money  Never Give Up  Jen Sincero


With Love always




  1. I really enjoyed this interview Helen…. Jen is a lot of fun! And I definitely need to find myself copies of her books! Thanks.

    • Helen Lingard says:

      ABsolutely Shaun… her books are amazing… as I shared, I would be laughing as I listened to her books ) thanks